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Planned parent protests need a buffer zone.

Against the backdrop of a conservative U.S. Supreme Court and a Texas law that would ban abortion, but if the planned parent-hood clinic in Walnut Creek is the ground of the Bay Area in renewed conflict between proponents and opponents of abortion Has become zero. And women have to go through the turmoil to get inside.

Encounters have become so heated that the city council is considering setting up one. Buffer zones Keeping protesters 30 feet away from clinic patients is a tactic the city of Napa has recently used, but a method that has raised legal questions in the past. San Jose established buffer zones in all reproductive health centers in the late 1990’s, although the minimum distance was set at eight feet at the time.

“There is a strong link between the encouraging behavior of anti-abortion, planned anti-parenting demonstrations,” said Gulda Gonzalez, regional president of Planned Parenthood. Texas law And former President Donald Trump’s appointment of three conservative Supreme Court judges.

While protests in front of planned Parent Hood clinics across the country are a regular occurrence, demonstrations on a narrow sidewalk in front of the Oakland Boulevard building in Walnut Creek, which often block the driveway, have certainly heated up. Protesters say they are urging women to “choose life,” but clinic supporters have not seen it.

“Protesters use bell horns and read scriptures to everyone present,” he told the city council earlier this week. “It’s harassment, it’s an abuse of a very valuable (First Amendment) right.”

Gonzalez said the clinic stands among a group of others in Northern California because of how intense the protests have become, contrary to the usual peaceful vigils.

VALENT CRACK, Calif., Oct. 8 (Xinhua) – A group of anti-abortion protesters disrupted a bus stop on a public sidewalk in front of a planned Parent Hood Clinic in Walnut Creek, California, as they were going to read Friday prayers. Let’s form a prayer circle, October 8, 2021. Protesters appear on Tuesdays and Fridays because there are days when patients receive abortion services. (Dylan Bosher / Bay Area News Group)

Last year, the violence erupted when protesters hired anti-government protesters to spray pepper on a pair of private security guards. The two guards were arraigned Thursday in the Contra Costa County Courthouse in Martinez. Battery and tear gas charges. They are expected to face separate trials in February.

Earlier this year, Napa City Council set up a 30-foot buffer zone at the city’s planned Parent Hood Clinic to allow people to raise their voices, shout, block or obstruct visitors near the building’s entrance. Prohibited from following According to the Napa Valley Register..

It is unclear how the courts will view this approach. In 2014, The US Supreme Court found The 35-foot buffer zone that Massachusetts set up around the abortion clinics violated the protesters’ right to free speech.

San Jose’s buffer zone is similar to other cities. A Colorado law requires protesters to stay at least eight feet away. From someone within 100 feet of the clinic. The Supreme Court upheld the law in 2000, and its 2014 ruling did not break Colorado’s precedent.

A city spokesman said Walnut Creek City Attorney Steve Mattas was aware of the 2014 decision and would “consider it” as he drafted powers for the council.

On Tuesday, another planned parent-hood volunteer told Walnut Creek City Council how upset and frightened he was when he led people through the front door of the clinic.

“I rarely see anyone getting out of the way,” said Robin Popino-Kantz. “I have seen a protester park his car completely on the sidewalk and refuse to move when I tell him to.”

Valent Creek, California – October 8: An armed security guard sees a patient enter a vehicle to leave the planned Parent Hood Clinic in Valent Creek, California on Friday, October 8, 2021. These are the days when patients receive abortion services. (Dylan Bosher / Bay Area News Group)

Mayor Kevin Wilk, who has been pushing for buffer zones since last year, said in an interview that the August 11 traffic collision was caused by abortion protests.

The Bay Area Planned Parenthood sites and one of the leading organizers of the nationwide abortion protest have 40 days to live, which was established in Texas.

The group, which has a walnut crack chapter, lists “saved lives” on its website by convincing women not to go through abortion, as well as the number of “abortion workers” who have lost their jobs. Has left The result of the campaign

After receiving multiple requests for an interview, 40 Days for Life said in an email that the Walnut Creek Clinic has “two separate and distinct groups that may appear on the sidewalk for a few days.” The group did not immediately respond to Furnup’s request for more information about other planned parent protesters who are not involved in the campaign.

The organization said, “40 days for life is and will remain a peaceful, prayerful presence on the sidewalks.” “We are there for prayers, and offer help and alternatives to abortion if women want.”

The group has also attached a “peace statement” stating that vigilance participants will have to sign. In a long list of promises, the signatories to the statement agree not to block the driveways or use violent language, and to “practice only the peaceful, prayerful and lawful way of abortion violence.” ۔

Valent Creek, California – October 8: An anti-abortion protest stands on the sidewalk in front of a planned Parent Hood Clinic in Valent Creek, California on Friday, October 8, 2021. (Dylan Bosher / Bay Area News Group)

About 15 protesters gathered in front of the Walnut Creek Clinic on Friday morning. He said that in the mid-40s, Antioch resident James was part of an “anonymous” group of protesters who had not lived for 40 days.

“We’re here to help women make decisions, to help people get better next time, and not to put their bodies through it – it’s great, it’s a win,” said James. “We are going to help those who sincerely want to choose life.”

Several other protesters standing at the clinic’s entrance said they were the real victims of harassment by parents’ planned employees and people accompanying the clinic’s visitors.

As they were being interviewed, the driver of a passing SUV lowered his window and asked the protesters: “Why don’t you go home stupid?”

For Cherry Khand, a resident of Walnut Creek, a safe distance from protesters makes sense. On Tuesday, she recalled her visits to the Parent Hood Clinic, planned for check-ups, birth control and Pap smears.

Mound Diablo is also president of the Unified School Board, Khand said, “Looking back, it was the most compassionate, respectable, welcome healthcare I have ever had in my life.” “But I don’t know if I would have walked through the doors of this building if there were protesters on my way.”

Staff photographer Dylan Boucher contributed to this report.

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