Sony has finally fully revealed the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2), and the next-generation PlayStation VR headset arrives much earlier than many expected. The new headset, which will work with the PlayStation 5, is slated to launch in February and will be available at retail for $ 549.99.

PlayStation has said that one of the biggest plans for the PS VR2 headset is to increase the level of immersion players feel, and it believes this latest version of the PlayStation VR headset will do just that.

On the surface level, the headset looks a lot like the Oculus Quest 2, which has recently seen a price increase as Meta continues to push its metawers idea. After the PS VR2 price is revealed, virtual reality fans will find that the prices for the PlayStation headset and the price for the Quest 2 are very close, although the PS VR2 will obviously require the use of a PlayStation 5 console.

Pre-orders for the PlayStation VR2 headset will open on November 15 in a number of countries. The new headset will be available in many packages.

Although PS VR2 is not scheduled to launch until February 22, 2023, VR fans looking to keep their headset secure will be able to pre-order the PlayStation VR2 starting November 15. That’s just a few days away, which should get you plenty before actually releasing the device.

In addition to offering various options for entry-level headsets, PlayStation VR2 will also be available for pre-order in a single package. The PlayStation VR2 Horizon Cal lof the Mountain Kit will retail for $ 599.99 / € 649.99 / £ 569.99 / £ 79,980 including tax, and will come with PS VR2 Goggles, PS VR2 Sense controllers and a pair of headphones stereo.

Those who don’t want a headset can purchase the headset and controllers separately, and PlayStation will also offer a PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging dock for those looking to be able to charge their controllers wirelessly.

Overall, the PlayStation VR2 seems to offer quite a few improvements over the original PlayStation VR headset that was released for the PlayStation 4. For the full specs of the device, see A breakdown of the news on the PlayStation blogand users looking to pre-order can do so later this month.

PlayStation has also noted that standalone titles for the upcoming headset will also be available for pre-order, although more details about these headsets will follow at a later date. Players can also pre-register for a better chance of ordering one of the new VR headsets after its launch.

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