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Pleasant Hill: The skateboarder was stabbed after the confrontation.

Pleasant Hill – A young adult skateboarder was stabbed by three men inside a group Wednesday night after they chased him out of a car and the man ran downstairs after an argument.

An ambulance rushed the man to hospital for treatment. Police did not receive an update on the man’s condition Thursday morning.

Police did not release the age or gender of the victim.

Officers responded to 911 calls in the Putnam and Oak Park Boulevards area around 9:30 p.m., according to a police statement. Investigators are searching the area for people with video surveillance footage.

Police say a preliminary investigation has revealed that several youths were skating in the area when a vehicle hit them twice. Police described the vehicle as similar to an old model with a white four-door Toyota Corolla or a damaged windshield.

Police said that both times someone in the car threw eggs at the skateboarders.

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