Podcast: Astronomers on NASA’s ‘Dart’ mission explain asteroid risk


Following NASA’s successful rocket launch on Wednesday, we speak to an astronomy professor working on a mission to change the path of an asteroid.

Professor Alan Fitzsimmons is a member of the DART – Double Asteroid Redirect Test – investigation team. He told us that there was more to come after the rocket collided with the space rock ‘Dimorphos’.

A London hospital is set to give a man the first 3D-printed prosthetic eye – Hackney’s Steve Verzey will have an operation at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Additionally, the world’s first trial of a cannabis-based drug to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer has been allowed to proceed. Scientists will look at whether adding an oral spray containing cannabinoids to chemotherapy could extend life for people diagnosed with recurrent glioblastoma. Also, India is expected to ban almost all private cryptocurrencies as the country’s leaders plan to create an official digital currency. Default passwords for smart devices may soon be banned and why mosaic found on farm is “most exciting Roman discovery in a decade”

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