Police Dispatch Audio Reveals Emergency Crew’s Response to the I-95 Crash That Killed 2 Pennsylvania State Police Soldiers, Pedestrians – Greeley Tribune

Philadelphia (CBS) — The woman charged in the I-95 crash that claimed the lives of two Pennsylvania State Police personnel and another man has a new court date. The preliminary hearing of Jayna Webb was adjourned till April 5. His lawyer says he needs more time to prepare.

A judge rejects her bail, so she remains in jail.

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Meanwhile, thin blue line flags in honor of two soldiers, 33-year-old Martin Mack and 29-year-old Brandon, at the crash site on I-95 South, near the Broad Street exit, hoist thin blue line flags to pay tribute to the soldiers. Siska was killed in the line of duty.

New audio released from Police Dispatch reveals more on the life-saving efforts made to help the soldier and man killed by a suspected drunk driver.

The Philadelphia police realized something was amiss when the soldiers stopped speaking on their radios.

Dispatcher: “Southbound I-95 on Broad Street. Possible auto accident. No response from authorities.”

State police say Jayna Tane Webb, 21, was driving under the influence when she fatally struck soldiers who were trying to get a pedestrian behind her cruiser to safety.

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Jayna Webb

Officer: “Looks like a soldier might be down. Uh, they’re doing CPR on him right now. It’s two soldiers down.”

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The pedestrian, 28-year-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras, was also killed.

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A Family Member Provided These Photos. E1648068037897

Reyes Rivera Oliveras (photo provided by family)

During the investigation, the soldiers kept the streets leading to the south closed for hours.

On Tuesday, Webb was indicted on charges of murder, DUI and a long list of other crimes.

Webb’s attorney, Michael Walker, is appealing to the public not to rush a decision.

“She is distraught, to say the least. Sure, she is distraught for the condition she is in, but more than that three people got stuck in the car she was driving and those three people are now dead. and it is a serious sentiment,” said attorney Michael Walker.

During her appearance on Tuesday, the judge read a statement in which Webb admitted to having consumed an alcoholic beverage before the accident.

The judge ordered him to be kept without bail, but Webb’s lawyer says his client deserves bail, despite the serious charges against him.

“At this point, I don’t need to hold this 22-year-old girl until the case is heard. And that is if there’s a trial. We’re about to take a year, two years, maybe three years.” Talking in and holding him without bail almost obliterates the notion of the presumption of innocence,” Walker said.

Police say they are investigating suspicious posts purportedly posted on social media leading to the accident.

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Nothing can be said about when the last rites of the martyred soldiers will take place.

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