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Police say the California student was attacked by a motorcyclist, who then snatched him and made derogatory remarks.

The Corona Police Department said a 41-year-old man on a bicycle ran over a 12-year-old student on his way to school in Corona on Wednesday, October 13, and took off his clothes and made derogatory remarks.

The attack took place as the girl was on her way to Caesar Chavez Academy, K-8 School, at 1150 Paceo Grande. A message sent to parents by the school said the student quickly moved to safety.

Police Detective Daniel Cleary said Corolla’s Carlos Martinez beat the girl and knocked her down, stripped her naked and then made sexual remarks to her. The girl ran to a school bus when passersby showed a flag to police. Martinez was arrested after a brief struggle with police, Cleary said.

“The culprit was seen riding a bicycle without clothes. As soon as our school buses (sic) arrived, this person rode directly in front of our students.

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