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Political commentator John Rentol will host Brexit ‘Ask Me Anything’ as the European Union prepares for the worst.

B.The British government has called on the European Union to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Protocol, a key part of the evacuation agreement.

In the meantime, some of the survivors point to a number of ways. Bridget. The quake lockdown has made economic recovery more difficult because “Brexit is not working”.

This week, Brigadier General Lord Frost traveled to Lisbon to warn the European Union not to make a “historic misunderstanding” in dismissing the British government’s case for rewriting the Brexit deal. Improve protocol, but without a new agreement.

What happens next?

Why is Boris Johnson trying to tear up the agreement he signed just two years ago? Is it because he wants to fight the Bridget campaign forever, or because, as Dominic Cummings, his former chief adviser, claims, he signed the deal without realizing it? Is the Prime Minister as lazy and dishonest as Mr. Cummings says, or did he not really understand how the arrangements in Northern Ireland would work?

Then there are the questions of how Brexit works in general. How politically effective is Mr Johnson’s claim that an end to free movement would mean an increase in wages for British workers?

What should Sir Kerr Starmer do? How should Labor promise to do “Brexit work” by the time of the next election?

Why don’t Liberal Democrats touch on the question of rejoining the European Union?

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