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Politics, religion and race divide Americans, according to the Pew Report.

The Pew Research Center said Wednesday that the United States is one of the most socially conflicted developed economies in the world.

“The vast majority of Americans say there are strong political and strong ethnic and racial conflicts in the United States, and most people do not agree with the basic facts of a ‘strongly conflicting society.’

According to the Pew survey, 49 percent of Americans say there are “strong conflicts” between people of different faiths. The group said 13 percent of those calls the conflict “very strong.”

In France, 23% said divisions based on religious beliefs were very strong, compared to 36% of medians in 17 countries surveyed who reported “strong conflicts” between people of different faiths. ۔ The Pew survey found that 61% of South Koreans said religious conflicts were either strong or very strong in their society.

Along with divisions between religious groups, Pew research found that 90 percent of Americans reported conflicts between political parties, and 71 percent acknowledged conflicts between ethnic and racial groups.

Although both Democrats and Republicans believe that by 90 percent of the margins, that political parties have social conflicts, many Democrats, 82 percent, see race and ethnicity as the area of ​​conflict, 24 points higher than Republicans, which is 82 percent. I come

Conflicts between people of different faiths between 56% of Democrats and 39% of Republicans were reported with a difference of 17 points. On the question of rural / urban conflicts, only 10% of the points separate the parties, 38% for Republicans and 48% for Democrats.

On the question of “basic facts”, the United States ranks 59th, France 61st, when respondents say people may not “agree” on the necessary details. Italy, Spain and Belgium are other societies where more than half of the population believes there is a real crisis.

The survey notes, “In most of the societies surveyed, those who see conflict between parties say that people do not agree with the basic facts compared to those who do not see such conflicts. ” With the exception of Italy and the United States, those who had a negative view of the ruling parties said they had a realistic difference of opinion compared to those who had pro-government views.

Pew said he conducted the US survey in February as part of his US Trends Panel. The group said the other 16 countries were surveyed between March and May 2021.

Survey details and data are online.

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