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PORTBACK LOGS: The supply minister insists on easing the crisis, but toy stores warn consumers to shop early for Christmas.

Supply chain crisis United KingdomAccording to a government minister, the largest commercial shipping port is “improving”. retailer Warn buyers to buy early for Christmas.

It came as a major global shipping company that diverted ships. Felix Stowe And the other Ports In Europe, referring to the backlog of containers in the UK.

Judgment by Mersk Concerns of delay in delivery were also said. Consumers Start shopping for Christmas.

Conservative Party co-chairman Oliver Duden insisted the government was “tackling these challenges” in the construction of cargo at British ports.

“The situation is improving. I’m sure people will be able to buy their own toys for Christmas,” he told Sky News.

“Some people buy too early for Christmas – my wife is an early Christmas buyer – others buy later. I would say buy as you usually do.

However, the problem of backlogs at ports has seen some retailers warn potential. Shortage This winter.

Gary Grant, who runs the toy store The Entertainer, warned that it would be difficult to make sure there were shelf stocks across the country.

“There will never be toy stores that don’t have toys,” he said.

Without all the toys there will be toy stores that they would normally expect due to scarcity, and this is mostly on transportation and warehousing issues, rather than a shortage of toys.

He said he expects Barbie dolls and pow patrol toys to be among the children’s favorites that are likely to run out fast.

Robert Golden, owner of the Goldens Toy Store in Seedmouth, Devon, urged consumers to “buy now” to avoid the frustration of Christmas amid fears that ongoing supply chain problems could lead to higher prices and empty shelves. Will

“It’s not just a shortage – you’ll have to face the reality of rising prices, anything from the seas to anything from 10 to 15,” he said.

He advised consumers: “Buy it if you see it, and be prepared to pay more before Christmas.”

Mr Gladden said his shop was well stocked at a time when demand was high due to heavy orders over the past two months due to supply problems during Christmas.

Meanwhile, Tim Morris, chief executive of UK Major Ports Group, told PA News: “Our view is that there is no need to panic. The global supply chains are very busy, but they are very strong.

“There will be some fluctuations in the short term, but retailers, their suppliers, all the logistics companies that work between the manufacturing and sales side, will find it really difficult to keep up.”

The UK’s port industry has warned that some ports are managing access to storage space with “short-term restrictions” to reduce congestion.

Andrew OP, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: “The congestion at Felix Stove’s port is another undesirable side effect of the lack of HGV drivers.

“Because cargo cannot be removed so quickly, there is a backlog of containers at ports, preventing new ships from docking and unloading.”

Additional PA reporting

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