The winning numbers for the record Powerball pool are set to be announced “as soon as possible” after Monday night’s draw was delayed due to security issues, officials said.

The $ 1.9 billion pot is the largest in US lottery history. No updates have been made to the Powerball.comwhich still included the “next draw” on November 7 at 10:59 PM EST or Monday night. Lottery officials said they predict the draw could come later Tuesday, but did not provide details.

“Like the rest of America, Powerball is eager to draw for a record pot, but protecting the integrity of the draw is of paramount importance, even if it means a further delay,” said the Multi-State Lottery Association. statement.

The winning numbers and the recorded video of the draw will be published on the Powerball website and YouTube channel. Players should keep their tickets, officials added.

The delay was triggered by one participating lottery location which took longer to complete the required security protocols, California lottery He said. In a subsequent statement, the Lottery Association added that officials were waiting for the lottery to process sales and game data.

“Powerball requires all 48 participating lotteries to submit their sales and play data before selecting the winning numbers,” it wrote. “Once Powerball receives an outstanding entry, the draw may continue.”

The association also noted that “against our policy we call a lottery that experiences a delay”, adding that Powerball “communicated with the lottery all night because it was working on solving the problem.”

Since August 3, there have been 40 consecutive Powerball draws with no jackpot winner.

This means lottery players across the country have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the jackpot winner or winners for months, who will have two payment options once their numbers are finally detected. If they choose an annuity, which is paid annually for 29 years, they would receive an estimated $ 1.9 billion wage. However, almost all winners choose the cash lump sum, which will be $ 929.1 million for Monday’s draw.

The jackpot is only the third time in the history of the American lotto when winnings have exceeded 1.5 billion dollars. This most recently happened in 2016, when the award was $ 1.586 billion. He was eventually split between three people.

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