Pregnant mom praises ‘nightmare’ aunt for not staying at her house

Difficult family members, we’ve all got it. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to avoid them, but others are not so lucky, including the frustrated women on mumsnet.

In her post, the heavily pregnant user described how terrified she is of an impending visit from her aunt, who she hasn’t seen in years: “It always hurts because it’s so much about her and She won’t compromise much. She’s been single forever so I guess she’s just used to it—which is okay, to an extent! I often find that she enjoys pushing people and getting feedback Then you put it on you, you get annoyed.”

She recounts how, in good old relative fashion, after asking what time she was leaving on Sunday so that she could book a table for lunch, Auntie complained that she had already left before her. was thinking about, and went away to say that she didn’t want lunch. She continued: “I explained that since I’m 8 months pregnant, I’ll have to eat before her train at 4pm! She said don’t book too much (it’s the only thing I was booking).

family Feud. stock image. Be sure to take time for yourself when hosting a difficult family member.

“I asked if she would like Indian on Friday nights, she said she doesn’t eat takeaway. I explained it’s a restaurant. She then explained that she doesn’t eat out because she can’t be sure of cleanliness. and how they source their food. Then explained that she only eats eggs, meat and fish if she knew how they were fed and raised. She is coming in less than 24 hours- what should I do? should ?!”

She describes how she lives in a rural area, and has to go food shopping, despite being eight months pregnant, and having a scan and then working all day.

She continued: “She just keeps telling me she’ll bring cheese and wine—and she’s happy with pasta and butter, but that’s not really how I spend my weekends—we’re social and I don’t want to eat or drink.” Enjoys cooking and sitting around a table. Talking nights out. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with him for two days!! HELP!!”

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Difficult family members. stock image. “It always hurts because it’s so much about her and she won’t compromise much.”
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Writing for the University of California, Christine Carter Ph.D. Suggests giving the person a job to do, then letting them do it their own way. She said: “Start by giving the difficult person a way to focus on something other than themselves.”

She also says to make sure you take care of yourself first, which is especially relevant when you’re months pregnant: “Research shows that keeping your blood sugar stable will make you less prone to anger. will become aggressive, so don’t skip one meal if you’re getting into a difficult situation. If you need to leave the room and take a few deep breaths, do it – even if the difficult person is telling you to talk about politics right now. be needed.”

Users were divided in the comments, with some supporting the original poster, and some suggesting she was inappropriate. “Ask her to pack some food she likes and put her feet up”, said one person, while another wrote, “Well that looks like a delight!!!! Honestly, I’d love to see her for her. I’ll leave with paneer and go get my Indian…..and good luck, I think it’s going to be a long weekend.”

However, some were quick to judge, saying: “If you can’t afford to spend a couple of nights with the guest you invited, having a baby will ruin your style a bit”, while another agreed, “it’s not.” ‘It doesn’t look like you want to do anything to welcome your aunts and take them out at night. Surely you can go for a walk without eating out? Won’t you go for a walk all day?

If you have a similar family dilemma, let us know via We can ask experts for advice, and your story can be featured on Greeley Tribune.

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