The expectant mother received support for kicking her boyfriend out of a hamburger, forcing him to sleep in the car.

In a viral post on Reddit u / Ready-Significance13, she explained that she is six months pregnant and working in two jobs while her 28-year-old partner is looking for a job.

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Newsweek spoke to Juliette Karaman, a certified mind and body trainer who specializes in relationships, s*x, intimacy, trauma and healing, about the 21-year-old’s position. Karaman said, “This story is much more than just eating a burger or not buying a burger.”

The pregnant woman was supported for asking her boyfriend to leave a burger. Here is a picture of a crying pregnant woman.
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The original poster (OP) explained that her boyfriend had moved in after they found out she was pregnant.

“I’m studying to be a teacher and he is currently looking for a job, technically I work two jobs to support both of us, it’s tiring, but he is looking for it not to end. There is a local burger, which I wanted to eat, we rarely go, but I have cravings – they close at certain times ”- she wrote.

She told other users that the place closes at 9:00 PM and she didn’t come home until 8:40 PM. But her boyfriend didn’t order food even though he said he would.

“By the time he left it was too late, I started crying because I wanted it all week and all I wanted was a burger and a hot shower, I couldn’t even shower since he used the last of the hot water,” she said.

“He didn’t apologize and offer to go to Burger King, which I didn’t want, and he fell silent saying I’m A ****** since hunting for work all day.”

The OP explained that her day started at 6am and ended at 9:30 pm while her boyfriend’s day started at 9am and ended at 9:30 pm

“We had an argument about how we compare the days and how overwhelmed it is. I asked him to leave because I don’t like to argue and he had to stay in his car since he moved in with me (away from friends).

“He insisted I blow it out the window because I’m pregnant and I don’t think about his feelings because he’s overwhelmed, just like me? My friends say I’m an asshole because he’s probably finished his head and had to sleep in the car over the hamburger, she said.

Karaman said, “This story is about much more than just eating a burger or not bringing a burger. It looks like they have little or no communication here. It all comes down to the fact that they have good boundaries, good communication skills, and really know what both of you want in a relationship.

“If she is working in two jobs and he lives with her and has no job, they may have to conclude some contracts and certain rules, because you cannot expect a person who works two jobs and is six months pregnant. for it all – eating at home, cooked dinner, tidying up the house, etc.

“There is also a bit of a victim mentality where she says” oh, you know, I do all these things and you don’t do anything for me, “which is totally understandable at this point. Perhaps you can look back at your past and start looking at where she went overboard with giving and where she was the only one delivering. Perhaps she had a past where she didn’t receive things and then felt really good when someone helped her.

“And is she actually doing this because she wants to be in a relationship or because she feels empowered? We often wear this drama triangle – lifeguard, victim and perpetrator – and move from anywhere.

“So we save someone at the same time telling them that they are not good enough, they are not helping us, and at the same time we are a victim and we say to ourselves” poor me “. But the truth is, no one is angry here – her or him. But it’s as if their behavior isn’t great. And we have to talk about it. “

What do the comments say?

The main comment was: “When you said you got pregnant and he moved in, I assumed it would help you and playfully start a family. Apparently that’s not the case at all. I’ll be very strict here. He needs to stop talking about finding a job and get a damn job.

“You have to stop working in two jobs to help support him. Your job is to support this child, not him. Actually, it’s his job as well. You may notice that I haven’t talked about the burger and that’s because it doesn’t matter. A ******, but you have to take a few steps back and evaluate your abilities. “

Another user said: “Not only did he fail to feed her while she is pregnant and working TWO JOBS, but he used ALL the hot water… He was doing what exactly? I bet it wasn’t the dishes or the laundry. “

Newsweek contacted @ Ready-Significance13 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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