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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — President Joe Biden is calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for the rest of the summer to help ease the pain at the pump. As of Wednesday in the Philadelphia area, the average gallon of gas is about $5.03.

In South Jersey, drivers are paying an average of $4.90 per gallon. In Delaware, prices fell by a penny to $4.94.

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This potential gas tax holiday could bring some relief for drivers. President Biden is now urging Congress to pass a federal gas tax holiday.

This will be in effect for the rest of the summer.

“If you’re trying to get down the sidelines, it’s like $40 one way and $40 coming home, so it’s not going to be easy,” said driver Dutch Smith.

Busy roads are ahead as the busy summer travel season gets underway.

“It’s too expensive and it’s hard to find a gas station because I have to put a Plus in my car, so it’s hard to find a gas station for less than $6,” driver Chris Patterson said.

Tension at the pump prompted President Biden to call for a federal gas tax holiday. This would equate to about 18 cents per gallon.

“It doesn’t help ease all the pain, but it will be a huge help, I’m doing my part,” Biden said.

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But some drivers are questioning what 18 cents will do.

“They’re already so high, I don’t think it makes much difference,” Smith said. “It’s $5.40 for gas right now.”

That’s why the president is also calling on states to abolish their gas taxes. Similar to the federal government, states use their revenue from gas taxes to fund infrastructure projects.

This prompted a representative in the office of Delaware Gov. John Carney to tell Eyewitness News that they would not issue a gas tax holiday.

This holiday would require congressional approval, but some are questioning how much relief you’ll actually see in your wallet.

“It is a drop in the bucket for consumers and you and I are filling up at gas stations. It will help a little, but not much,” said Dr. Wojtek Wolff.

Dr. Wojtek Wolfe is Professor of Political Science at Rutgers Camden. He says that in the short term, a gas tax holiday for the president may be politically expedient, but adds that it will do little if long-term energy policies are not updated.

Globally, he says it will take years for high gas and energy prices to come down.

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“It is no longer a political issue, it is not an economic issue. A physics issue and a geopolitical issue,” Dr. Wolff said.

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