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Prince Andrew Kemp claimed that it was not surprising that police were dropping the sexual assault case.

Sources close to Prince Andrew say it is not surprising that the British Metropolitan Police have ignored “media pressure” and will drop an inquiry into the alleged sexual assault of the Virginia Geffery prince.

Which can be considered an important development. Andrew tried to clear his name.The London Police Force told the Daily Beast that it would “not take further action” against Andrew after reviewing “a document released in August 2021 as part of US civil action”.

In response to the news, a source close to Andrew told the Daily Beast: “It is not surprising that the Met Police have confirmed that, after a third review of the sexual assault allegations against Duke, they Despite media pressure and claims of new evidence, Matt concludes that these claims are not sufficient for further investigation. Duke has always maintained his innocence and Will continue to do so

This development is certainly a welcome respite for Andrew, who has endured a weekend in which he was publicly attacked, ridiculed and a large number of royal insiders publicized him in front of the media. Made fun of Court and government sources have lined up to insult the prince, a military source who has dealt with Andrew. To describe it Sunday Times As “Total Dick Head”

Scotland Yard said it was “liaising with other law enforcement agencies that lead the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s case.”

The police inquiry into Andrew’s involvement with Epstein dates back to 2015, when he said he was approached by “representatives of a man who sexually assaulted Jeffrey Epstein, an American citizen, and a British woman.” He was charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated robbery in central London in March 2001.

The “British woman” is believed to be Ghuslin Maxwell, who is currently in prison awaiting trial in the United States.

Police said they did not pursue the charges at the time because “it was clear that any investigation into human trafficking would focus on activities and relationships outside the UK.”

It was decided not to proceed with the “full criminal investigation” and later “it was reviewed after the death of Jeffrey Appstein in August 2019.”

The statement did not confirm reports this weekend that officers contacted Jeffrey again this year when he filed his civil lawsuit against Andrew, saying only that he had reviewed the document Was part of the case and “the information given to us by the media in June 2021.

The statement added: “This review is complete and no further action will be taken.”

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