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Privacy is a terrible misconception and fear of the new 888 tracking service for women.

A new ‘888’ tracking service for women traveling alone has been branded a “terrible error” and “flawed” by campaigners who fear the loss of freedom and privacy.

App and reporting reporting system, proposed by BT and in collaboration with the Home Secretary. Priti Patel, Users will need to call or text to enter travel details that will be monitored via smartphone GPS.

Ministers and police have been criticized for failing to deal with male violence following the murder and rape of Sarah Everard. Met the police. Officer.

Van Cousins, who used Corona virus lockdown restrictions to falsely arrest a 33-year-old marketing executive before kidnapping, raping and strangling him, was sentenced to life in prison.

The 888 service will require women to enter their home address and other places visited regularly. Failure to respond to automatic checks will trigger an emergency call or alert to the police.

Silky Carlo, director of the campaign group, told Big Brother Watch. FreeMonitoring women’s movements is not the answer to male violence. It is a very misleading, offensive and aggressive policy that misdiagnoses the issue and will do nothing to protect women.

Leah Morgan, a senior legal officer at Rights of Women, said the scheme was “deeply flawed in its vision and expectations for women to shape our lives and ensure protection from male violence.”

“This approach encourages a hunting responsibility and a culture of blaming the victim, and does not begin to scratch the surface of the problem,” he said.

She added: “In addition, we are concerned about the potential security risks and implications of private companies accessing women’s locations and mobility patterns – especially as we know that domestic abuse The perpetrators use tech platforms to monitor and harm victims against women. ”

Campaigners also criticized the government’s controversial new policing bill, which has been widely criticized for putting human rights behind it.

A petition challenging the legislation, which passed all stages in the House of Commons without amendment, was signed by more than 600,000 people. Opponents say the bill includes a wide range of repressive forces that violate the right to protest.

Andrew Simon said, “We are concerned that violence against women is being used politically to bring more police powers, which we know is increasingly profiling blacks and minorities in their lives. , Will be harmed by discrimination and interference. ” Violence against women’s unity

Violence against women needs to be addressed as a matter of “rights and freedoms” rather than protection, she said.

Jenny Starling, co-director of the women’s rights campaign group Level Up, said the increase in police powers was “terrible and tragic”.

She said that if the government really wanted to keep women safe, it would “invest in specialist support services” instead of using the fear of “alien threat”.

BT has been contacted for comment.

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