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Prosecutors say Winston Smith shooting: US Marshal who killed a black man will not face charges.

A prosecutor has said he will not charge two members of the U.S. Martial Services Task Force who shot and killed a black man named Winston Smith Jr. in Minneapolis in June.

ABC News The Minnesota prosecutor said in a letter that members of the task force had justified the use of lethal force by shooting Smith on June 3 when they tried to arrest him for possession of a firearm.

The Hampen County Attorney’s Office announced the decision Monday.

The U.S. Marshals Service said Smith did not follow instructions and “developed a handgun that resulted in members of the task force firing on the subject.” He was inside a parked SUV when the shooting occurred, and a Hampen County medical examiner said Smith died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Operations said a handgun and spent ammunition were found inside the vehicle, which was used as evidence that Smith had fired his gun.

However, Nooran Askar, who was in the SUV with Smith at the time, said law enforcement officers did not identify themselves during the siege and were not in uniform. Ms Oscar also said she did not see Smith with a gun and was shot after picking up the phone to record what was happening.

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