A commentator on Russian state television and President Vladimir Putin’s longtime ally encourages Russians to die instead of losing to Ukraine and the West.

Margarita Simonyan, the head of RT who is ineligible for conscription because she is a woman and a member of the media, said in a recent broadcast Sunday evening with Vladimir Soloviev that war is worth the d*ath of people because the world is in a “dead end” due to lack of value.

She blamed the development or lack of the “Western world” for accelerating the “destruction of humanity”, which she said would lead to d*ath, even if there was no war.

Simonyan also made reference to culture and biology, mentioning that one day she would be “forbidden” to dress her daughters or explaining to her son that she was a man.

Russian President Vladimir Putin presents flowers to Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian broadcaster RT, after presenting her with the Order of Alexander Nevsky at a ceremony in the Kremlin in Moscow on May 23, 2019. In a recent television appearance, Simonyan encouraged d*ath instead of losing the war with Ukraine and the West.

“It’s already happening in many countries,” Simonyan said in a video posted on Twitter by the Russian guard and Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis. “It’s unbearable for me. For me, this is worse than war. Indeed, it’s worse than war.

“Another 50 to 100 years and no one will give birth anymore. Nobody will be able to give birth. All hormone therapies, from their pharmaceutical lobby, brainwashing the minds of their own people and others, their own people and their own empires. “

Simonyan and other commentators on Soloviev’s program also spoke of Putin’s remarks during his recent speech at the Valdai Discussion Club.

Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs and chairman of the Presidium of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council, asked Putin about nuclear proliferation and “not going” to heaven. This led to a long pause by the fighting president.

“You stopped thinking,” Lukyanov said. – It’s disturbing.

“I did it on purpose to make you worry a little,” Putin replied, causing the audience to smile and laugh. “Mission accomplished”.

Simonyan made Putin’s comment the center of his remarks and perspective, calling his actions part of a global transformation and “a source of hope.”

“For me it was a psychotherapy session, as I usually meet with Putin,” she said, adding that the war brings tragedy, pain, pride and personal growth.

She added that “it’s better to go to heaven right now” while the others “chuckle”.

“What does this ultra-liberal fascist garbage have?” Simonian said. “I do not know. It spreads as an uncontrolled tumor against which chemotherapy has failed. in some way. It is unbearable to live with our mentality. “

Professor Dmitry Evstafiev assumed that if Russia lost the war, the colony-loving West would show off Russians in zoos like animals.

Other commentators on Russian state television, such as the professor at Moscow State University Andrei Sidorov, admitted underestimating the support of the US and the West for Ukraine.

A few days before Russia re-att*cked critical Ukrainian infrastructure, potentially showing a shift in military strategy to nuclear threats, Putin mentioned “necessary conditions” that would allow a peace agreement with Ukraine to be reached.

Newsweek asked the Kremlin for comment.

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