The Ukrainian military claims that more than 700 Russian soldiers were killed in one day of the war.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Facebook Post A total of 710 Russian soldiers were “eliminated” on Tuesday. Ukraine reported that a significant number of Russians died in the Donetsk region. It is said that the “greatest losses” took place near the cities of Avdievka and Bakhmut, which Russian forces have been fighting to capture for months.

Ukraine also demanded the destruction of 15 Russian tanks, 24 armored vehicles, nine artillery systems, four tactical drones, one anti-aircraft system and one aircraft on Tuesday. Newsweek has not independently verified any of the Ukrainian figures.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday described the fighting in Donetsk, which Russian President Vladimir Putin had annexed to Russia in September, as “particularly difficult”. He said the Russian military continued its quest to capture the entire region, despite the fact that its own troops suffered “exceptionally” heavy losses.

“The activity of the occupiers there remains at an extremely high level – dozens of att*cks every day,” Zelenski said during his late night television appearance. “They suffer very heavy losses, but their order has not changed – they reach the administrative border of the Donetsk region. We don’t give up a centimeter of our land there. “

Russian President Vladimir Putin is pictured next to the cadets at a ceremony in Moscow on November 4. The Ukrainian military said it had killed more than 700 Russian soldiers in one day of the war on Tuesday.
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According to Tuesday’s report by the War Research Institute (ISW), which quotes Russian media and Telegram posts, Ukraine’s resistance has led the Russian army to make “little or no progress” on the front lines in Donetsk recently.

The CEI report also claims that Russian casualties in parts of the region “are much more serious” than what the Russian military has been willing to reveal.

On Monday, a letter allegedly from the 155th Marine Guard brigade stated that some 300 unit members were killed last week – including “killed, wounded and missing” – in an “incomprehensible” att*ck on the Donetsk village of Pavliwka.

“County Command with [the brigade commander] they hide it… for fear of responsibility, ”stated the letter. “They don’t care about anything but showing off. They call people meat. “

Russian officials questioned this claim, prompting Zelensky to say that the region was “littered” with the bodies of Russian soldiers, and accused Moscow of telling officials to “lie” about the situation.

“Donetsk Oblast remains the epicenter of the greatest madness of the occupiers – they are killed by hundreds every day,” Zelenskiy said on Monday. “The ground in front of the Ukrainian positions is literally littered with the bodies of the occupiers.”

Ukraine says that at least 77,170 Russian soldiers have died since the invasion began on February 24. Russia rarely made its own data on the d*aths of soldiers publicly available, while the number released was much lower than Ukrainian estimates.

In September, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that, according to Reuters, fewer than 5,937 Russian soldiers had died since the beginning of the war. Ukraine claimed to have killed more than 55,000 Russian soldiers during that time.

Newsweek contacted the Russian Ministry of Defense for comment.

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