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QAnon Playbook: Republicans make school board meetings a new battleground.

In the era of Donald Trump, GOP politics is primarily about trolling.. So it’s no surprise that Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mendel tweeted memes this week about Damon Crates as an internal version of Egg Avatar and The glory of horse paste. The unfortunate recipients of Mandal’s trolling were members of a school board in a suburb of Cincinnati, where Mandal worked extensively despite having no children in the district. Her complaints were contradictory ایک a disgusting mix of screams about the Mask Mandate, screaming that “kids shouldn’t be forced to learn about gender choices,” and about the district’s bookkeeping practices. Something لیکن but of course the point didn’t really make any sense. The point was to get attention with a jolt.

So Mendel passed himself the standard troll protocol: increase aggression until the target forces you to block, or in this case, Get you out. Then sanctify yourself as a victim of your own followers, martyred by censored liberals who cannot handle the true bombs that you dropped.

Mendel faithfully followed this script. He made the announcement on Twitter – independently and without self-awareness. That his “free speech” is being suppressed.. He came only to “defend mother and father”, insisting on sanctity before accusing the school board of “using children as pawns in a political game”.

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Like most accusations made by right-wingers, it was a confession.

Ohio School Board – Like every other school board affected. Coordinated attack by neutral right wing people. Screaming about the mask mandate andCritical race theory“- just trying to get to the difficult issue of educating children during an epidemic. It’s the Republicans who are using children as political pawns. This increasingly ridiculous clash of school boards. Encouraging the GOP base for the medium term of 2022 is nothing more than political theater.

They learned these tactics from the QAnon sect.

At its heart, QAnon is a fascist movement dedicated to overthrowing American democracy and, like many fascist movements, considers its leader, Donald Trump, to be a God-like figure. But getting straight to the point with this pitch is a tough sell. So, instead, the QAnon pitch is about “kids”. They lure people around the world with ridiculous conspiracy theories about pedophilia, something that, if true, would actually lead to action. Once entered, the lie about “saving children” serves as a justification, both to outsiders and to silence suspicions among followers. How can you call them fascists when they only want to “save the children”?

The beauty of using “kids” as a cover is that they are allowed to be a monster. As long as the protection of children’s innocence is requested, all forms of harassment or even violence can be justified. (See: QAnon fanatics sought to overthrow American democracy.Not surprisingly, Republican operators have been inspired to pull out a page directly from the QAnon playbook in preparation for this nationwide attack on school boards. The use of imaginary threats to children works as a recruitment and rational strategy.

Republicans have cleared up conspiracy theories a bit, as accusing Tom Hanks of pedophilia is a difficult task for mainstream journalists to repeat. So the mainstream GOP version of conspiracy theory is now “critical race theory” and something about how the mask mandate is a vicious attempt to usurp parental authority rather than a common sense health regulation. But the bottom line is the same: pretend to believe that bad liberals want to hurt children, and use it as a permit to act on every anti-social movement.

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Certainly, Republican administrators have long understood that their base consists only of painful trolls under the pretext of panicking in public. This understanding was used in the early years of Barack Obama’s presidency against his economic stimulus and in the GOP’s efforts to prevent the Affordable Care Act from being passed. The “tea party” began yesterday with the Astroturf affair. Financed by Koch Brothers and organized by GOP Operatives., Designed to look like a “lower level” uprising of conservatives who are enraged at social spending programs. But it turned into a real desire to have a racist mood among everyday Republican voters. All they needed was a cover story, and the coaches gave it to them. Pop the Trekcorner hat, skip the “unrepresented” part of the American Revolutionary Complaint about the tax, and now shout at the barely coded racist vitriol at a local town hall meeting is “patriotic.” The current attack on school boards follows the same formula.

“The sudden interest in school boards is not a grassroots movement of angry parents,” but “an effort organized by experienced right-wing political activists.” Jude Legum writes in Popular Info., In a piece that identifies both administrators, who have been drawn heavily from the GOP Consultant class and their GOP-affiliated fundraisers. These people are then pushed into “relevant parents” – Without mentioning their political affiliations On Fox News. Of The organization is deliberately designed to look amateurish.It is as if these are the only local parents who have an authentic reaction to local politics, rather than a big fund national movement, to build massive hysteria, aimed only at electing Republicans.

The strategy works very well, because, as GOP operatives understand. Scream waiters and flight attendant energy. Of Cannes and Cairns, USA. Add to the QAnon-esque fake concern for “kids”, and that anti-social energy becomes explosive, as School board members across the country are venting their frustrations..

No one should be fooled. Neither the organizers nor ordinary Republican voters are enthusiastic about American children behind this astroturf effort. If they did, they would definitely not want to spread COVID-19 in schools. In a broader sense, those who actually care for children want to fight climate change, want families to have access to affordable and quality childcare, and to support home-born children. Want where they want and welcome – all values ​​stand for Democrats (Well, mostlyAnd Republicans oppose it globally. Racism is bad or the novel Corona virus does not harm children. But if these QAnon-style tactics work to get Republicans elected in 2022, the future of American children is really at stake.

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