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Raab and Truss are asked to share access to Chevening Country House after a dispute between the two prime ministers.

Dominic Raab. And Liz Truss. Reported by Boris Johnson Sharing access to 15 bedrooms. Chewing gum Home after a quarrel between cabinet colleagues.

This came as the Prime Minister dismissed a dispute between the Foreign Secretary and the Deputy Prime Minister over a 17th-century Kent estate. Saying “ugly” will not deviate from his policy priorities.

Of The queue has been reported. When Mr Raab resigned after a reshuffle last month, he said he was entitled to the new title of Deputy Prime Minister.

Demonstrating her claim to the estate, however, Ms. Truss invited her counterparts from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to the Chevening House this week and posted pictures of herself walking around her estate on social media.

On Monday, an official spokesman for the prime minister declined to say whether Mr Johnson, who should be nominated to occupy the residence, had ruled on the matter.

However, according to Times, The prime minister, who is currently on vacation in Costa del Sol, has resolved the issue by asking the deputy prime minister and foreign secretary to join the state.

A government spokesman confirmed the decision. Free“The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary will share access to Chevening as in the previous administration.”

When asked just three weeks ago who has access to the house – or whether the two ministers will be asked to share – Mr Johnson replied: “The people’s government is not bothered by such friars and fables.

“Such questions, we will resolve in due course,” he added. “But as I say, we are focused on people’s priorities.”

The quarrel was highlighted by Angela Rainer., Labor’s deputy leader, as he stepped up for Sir Kerr Starmer in the PM’s question last month – contradicts the issue of “choosing a government that is making life difficult for working families” ۔

“Families across the country are worried about heating their homes while it is. [Mr Raab] He complained of sharing his 115-room taxpayer-funded mansion with the foreign secretary.

Chevening, who was handed over to a trust in 1959 to serve as the prime minister’s nominee for royalty or cabinet minister, has almost always been in the possession of the serving foreign secretary.

During the coalition government, former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg shared residences with then-Foreign Secretary William Hague between 2010 and 2015.

Acting as Secretary of State under Theresa May’s administration, Boris Johnson was also asked to share the state with Liam Fox, the secretary of international trade, and David Davis, the Bridget’s secretary, on the basis that each Has to host and entertain foreign visitors. leader

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