Race, gender issues cited as senators consistently hinder Jackson

Republican senators repeatedly interrupted Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on the third day of his confirmation hearings.

Republicans questioned Jackson for two days about his decisions on sentences imposed in child pornography cases, and when he finally tried to answer, they had difficulty allowing him to speak. Many on social media reprimanded the senators for their conduct on Wednesday.

Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown listens to Jackson, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz interrupts his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. Cruz records committee chairman Richard Durbin requesting additional information. asked to file a letter signed by 10 Republican senators.
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Texas Senator Ted Cruz pressed Jackson about child pornography rulings and brought out his case-by-case chart he used on Tuesday. Cruz said he wants to go through each and every one of them.

When Jackson tried to explain that he had already answered questions on the subject and noted that he did not have a record of each case, Cruise interrupted, claiming that he had answered her question. Not giving

“Senator, would you please let him answer you?” Senator Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked.

“No, if she won’t answer my questions,” Cruz said. “If you want to do the filming, you’re welcome to do so, but do it on your own time.”

Women on Twitter condemned Cruz’s behavior as he continued to raise his voice during the hearing.

Bonnie Fuller tweeted, “Ted Cruz was outrageously rude and abusive towards Ketanji Brown Jackson.” “He wouldn’t stop yelling and yelling and interrupting when he tried to answer Judge Jackson’s question. His behavior was disgusting.”

Senator Lindsey Graham also shouted and interrupted Jackson’s efforts to answer the question. Again, Durbin had to intervene.

In another attempt to explain his sentencing in previous cases, Durbin begs Graham to eliminate him.

“Please, Senator, let him finish his answer,” Durbin said.

Jackson then briefly explained that the sentence should match the seriousness of the cases, adding that offenders could face “30, 40, 50 years in prison”. Graham interrupted and said, “Well, all right.”

“Please let him finish,” Durbin said.

“I hope you get out of jail for 50 years if you are trolling the internet for pictures and sexual abuse of children,” Graham said. “So you don’t think it’s a bad thing? I think it’s a terrible thing.”

“This is not what the witness said and he should be allowed to answer this question once and for ever,” Durbin said.

Critics on Twitter cited that Jackson is a black woman, so her white male counterparts chose to speak up on her to assert their dominance.

“Your racist and sexist attack on Senator Lindsey Graham, SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson insults your office and our country,” said California State Assembly member Mike Gipson. “Your baseless attack on the first black female SCOTUS nominee is an attempt to defame her and her ability to be an impartial Supreme Court. [justice],

newsweek Cruz and Graham reached out for comment.

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