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Raw, fair, heavy-handed horror sequel.

Michael Myers picks up a firefighter in front of a burning house in a Halloween Kills scene.۔

Michael demonstrates his “kill everyone” about life.
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Halloween Murder– Directed by David Gordon Green, and co-authored by Green, Scott Thames, and Danny McBride. Of 2018 Halloween Left, left us in the middle of the massacre.

As we begin, the citizens of Haydenfield, Illinois – “a simple town where nothing is ever interesting,” as one character puts it – are beginning to realize that there is a brutal killer between them. Surprisingly, very few of them remember or even know of a similar bloody visit to the killer’s Halloween night in 1978, then First Halloween was killed there in 1963. Halloween Murder We want to see how much the city’s psyche has changed since this first film. The film works hard to advance some themes – the chronic pain of PTSD, the sparks that transform frightened groups of people. In a thrilling crowd, Families who choose to protect their loved ones. Sometimes it works a little. Also Hard. But it also features some extraordinary performances, perhaps the most Halloween movie of all time. Whatever he is saying.

So, yes, we’re back to where we were – Lori Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis, Powerful as always, His daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter Alison (Andy Matichak) are speeding away from Lori’s burning house. Michael Myers. (Depending on the scene of stunt performer, James Jude Courtney, and Nick Castle wearing the original Michael Mask) Paid, there’s still evil in it. Haydenfield Firefighters – are as blind to the history of their city as everyone else has been. Remember, Lori was considered a useless job to spend her life preparing for Michael’s return – rushing to put out the fire, and unknowingly releasing the monster once again. Although Lori receives some much-needed medical help at Haydenfield Hospital, Michael returns to business, hitting his way across town, and slowly begins to panic on the streets where walkers or healers Still circling.

Cameron (Dylan Arnold) squeezes.۔

Cameron (Dylan Arnold) squeezes.
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But despite this ready-made forward speed, Halloween Murder In fact, he spends most of his time searching the past. We get a detailed flashback in 1978 that explores the painful memories of that night that were printed by Deputy Frank Hawkins (Will Patton played Thomas Mann as the young Frank). We attend the annual Reunion of Michael Survivors – now the adult baby Lori was watching this unfortunate night. Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle.Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), the nurse who accompanied Dr. Loomis (the late, the great Donald Pleas, who looks like a digitally created chemo) when Michael fled in 1978. And Loney Elm (Robert Living Street), a one-time school yard bully who adjusted his behavior after confronting Michael and telling a story. me also Halloween MurderCharles Cyphers as former Haydenfield Sheriff Lee Brackett, father of one of Michael’s 1978 victims. And to set the mood, series creators John Carpenter (along with Cardi Carpenter and Daniel Davis) collaborate on a tweeted and updated version of Carpenter’s classic score. If this is all there is to it. Fan serviceWell, that’s it, and we haven’t mentioned the other Easter eggs that blink. Fans of sequels That it is new Halloween Continuity is otherwise pushed aside. (You will know them when you see them.)

in fact. HalloweenMuch of Lori’s struggle stems from the fact that when she begins to see Michael around town, no one believes her. Her friends don’t take her seriously (bad move, because they all die). Neighbors at the next door ignore her as she screams for help at their door. Only Dr. Loomis understands – no one believes him at first, or he doesn’t meet Lori until the last scene of the movie. You Halloween Murder Finally, it’s a relief to finally be able to tell Hayden Field on a large scale what kind of threat they’re dealing with, even if you’d still think many times about how the city would handle such a vicious massacre. May forget, especially the one who is still living.

The problem is, once Haydenfield finally wakes up, he is quickly overwhelmed by the kind of fear that first forces ordinary people to act irrationally. (“People are scared. That’s Michael’s real curse,” Lori tells us, in just one example of some heavy-handed dialogue during Act Three to make sure we’re getting caught. Halloween Murder‘Big picture She also tells us that “Every time someone is scared, the boogie man wins.” Let’s turn it into a chaotic group, the serious scene is a bit annoyed by Judy Greer’s performance, especially as Kiran, which brings sensitivity in a moment that feels a bit different otherwise. You’re hitting the head with something blunt.

Larry (Jamie Lee Curtis) with Karen (Judy Greer), who is still wearing a Christmas sweater.۔

Larry (Jamie Lee Curtis) with Karen (Judy Greer), who is still wearing a Christmas sweater.
Image: Universal images

Really, that’s how the whole movie feels until the end. no Halloween The film manages to entertain as well as inform – it’s a series about a boy who exists only to slaughter people in creative ways – but sometimes, Halloween Murder Dangerously close to taking yourself too seriously. Any attempt at comic relief is exciting (story) and you wonder why the script is upset.

mostly Halloween Murder Wants you to experience the deepest wounds in every heart of Haydenfield. By the end of the film, the strip is completely torn and the pain in the streets is flowing freely, but the town (and it’s not a spoiler we all know is a third film). Halloween ends On the way) is left without a William Shatner wearing head to ride the spike. We know when he and Michael will meet again اور and with that, maybe Lori is ready for a trio-capping duel on some real closure. Even if it is possible.

Halloween Murder Cinemas and Moore opens on October 15.

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