Recruitment program in East Riding

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council is hosting a number of recruitment events across the region, showcasing the “exciting” opportunities on offer.

Events are hosted by various teams in the council, including people services, adult social care, leisure and adult education and employment.

The various events are COVID-safe and those who wish to participate are asked to book appointments to ensure that they are handled on a large scale and with the health and safety of all in mind.

There are many vacancies on offer, including those in adult social care roles such as care workers, support staff and those that support this essential workforce such as cleaners, caterers, drivers, administration staff and maintenance staff. The council also has other vacancies such as Catering Assistant, Vacation Assistant, Lifeguard & Administrator.

As well as job opportunities, attendees will also learn about free pre-employment and upskilling programs at the council and an adult education and employment team available on the day to support those with job applications when needed.

Booking is required for each event and you will be booked in the appointment slot between 10 AM to 2.30 PM.

You can book online by either: By calling 01482 391238 or by email:

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