Redditor says he was shipped ‘extra PS5,’ sparking uproar

A Reddit post showing multiple PlayStation 5 systems has gone viral. The original poster (OP) claimed that he was “randomly” shipped a spare PS5. The situation has garnered a lot of attention online, and the post has been upvoted 58,000 times so far.

redditor The LustySnail Shared the post on r/pics on January 2. The post is titled, “So I was randomly sent a spare PS5. Merry Late Christmas I guess. Sorry for that one kid.”

The image shared showed a PS5 with an open box still in the packaging. However, another PS5 that’s already unlocked and out can be seen right next to it as well. What was visible was an Xbox Series X which can also be seen nearby.

A user asked the OP which retailer sent the console, to which he revealed it was Walmart. In response to another comment, the OP said that his girlfriend gave him a PS5 and the extra came too. “He’s lucky, I’m lucky from the union,” he wrote.

In another comment, he acknowledged that the additional PS5 will “probably” go to his “niece and/or nephew”.

Since the PlayStation 5 was first released, it has been elusive and in high demand. This has been coupled with supply-chain issues including chip shortages that have made the system difficult to find. The shortage of chips and semiconductors has affected other areas of life, as well as those with medical devices. astound or overwhelm, as with shock,

A Reddit post has gone viral after a person said they got an “extra PS5”. Here, a PlayStation 5 console on its first day of launch.

The viral post has over 2,700 comments, and people are raging over the situation because these systems are too hard to come by right now.

Some people had similar stories with different objects. “It’s like when Amazon sent me two Acer Predator monitors,” recalled one Redditor. “$600-700 each that time.”

Other Redditors had jokes about it. “So that’s where I left my PS5,” said someone. “DM me your address, I’ll come pick it up.”

Whereas another user asked OP to check their bank account for few months after their family situation. “My mom bought my little sister a laptop for school, and she accidentally sent us two of them,” he said. “We didn’t send it back and they charged my grandmother’s card for the extra laptop because it was on file.”

Another Redditor made a joke based on the OP’s title. “Hey, I’m that kid,” he said. “Can I have my PS5?” The OP replied, “I think you’d be happier with wool socks instead.”

“It’s a bit unethical to keep it, if you send it to me, I’ll be happy to return it to the supplier,” tried someone else.

Some people think that the poster should be selling additional consoles. One Redditor thought the OP should “sell it for half price. You make some money and still make someone very happy.”

One user argued, “What a luck.” He also said, “If this ever happened to me, I would be dead. Happy New Years!”

Another person said, “No wonder they are always out of stock, with people randomly getting one for free.”

Some people think that the poster should return the console. One Redditor said that the OP should “return it” or that they are “thieves”, “It’s wrong to keep something that isn’t yours. Don’t you think so?” However they did not stop here. “What if your house moved into the wrong house and you didn’t get one?” He continued. “Do you want that person to return it or keep it? Looks like you’re fine with being a thief, which is the lowest life form out there.”

One Redditor expressed surprise at “how” it worked, saying, “I want two of the things I ordered.”

However, not everyone is convinced of the situation. “OP bought two so he could scalp and get his money back,” someone said.

newsweek Contacted TheLustySnail for comment.