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reMarkable launches subscriptions for the best features of its tablets.

The image for the title of the R-Markable e-ink tablet now requires a subscription to access its best features.

Image: Andrew Lizowski – Gizmodo.

Of the growing number of E-ink-based e-note devices. Hitting the market, no one provides the best copy. PenOn-Paper experience As Remarkable tablet. But Apple is not remarkable, and becoming a company that only makes one device is not easy, so the new owners of Remarkable The best e-ink tablet. Have to pay now To Unlock all its functionality..

ReMarkable is introducing two paid subscription tires for new users of the company’s e-ink tablets starting tomorrow. A basic Connect Lite plan for up to $ 5 / month upgrade for users with unlimited storage on the company’s cloud servers (Remarkable Tablet to keep all your documents in sync between it and computers and other mobile devices via apps Does for), And $ 8 / month Connect Plan. Includes unlimited cloud storage as well as integration with Dropbox and Google Drive directly on the tablet. Valuable plan is also included. Handwriting conversion (a feature) Originally introduced in 2018.), Screen sharing, and the ability to share files via email.

The image for the title of the R-Markable e-ink tablet now requires a subscription to access its best features.


New users who choose not to pay for a single project will still get the cloud sync work again through Markable’s servers, but not for files that have not been opened in 50 days. They have been accessed. In other words, it will not be a place to store your digital documents unless you are ready to go through it regularly and open every last file before 50 days. The countdown is over, however. Anyone who re-purchases the markable tablet before yesterday’s cut-off will get free access to the full Connect plan and all its features.Hope their tool life. To help get the sting out of it. Business plan for new customers, reMarkable is offering re 100 on ReMarkable 2 tablet for those who choose Price Connect plan, plus $ 50 accessories, which is useful because you have different styles of tablets. Need to buy from

Although remarkable tablets are well-reviewed devices and are preferred by many who have replaced paper notebooks with them, a company that sells the same product is challenging. Especially with the many competitive devices that are now available from larger, more established companies. Who enjoy other sources of income. There is no online e-book store capable of re-marking, so going forward it will provide another revenue stream for the company as it develops additional features and tools for the future. But if Markable 3 is reintroduced one day, does that mean existing users who want to upgrade will be forced into one of the subscription plans? We are contacting the company to confirm how this will work.

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