Federal prosecutors reportedly ordered the prosecution against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) In a long-running investigation into corruption, s*xual trafficking and s*x with underage girls.

The Feds believe that issues with the credibility of two potentially key witnesses will make the grim case against Gaetz hard to prove, reported the Washington Post.

Gaetz is unlikely to be indicted at present, the paper said, citing individuals familiar with the case.

Gaetz, 40, has been under a federal investigation since late 2020. He strongly denies all allegations.

The investigation grew out of a case against his former friend and political ally Joel Greenberg, a disgraced official in a suburb of Orlando who pleaded guilty to s*x trafficking and other allegations and waiting for the sentence.

Greenberg’s attorney, Fritz Scheller, said Orlando Sentinel that the government hadn’t told him it was planning to pull out of a potential Gaetz prosecution. “Based on my knowledge of the evidence, I would be surprised to make such a decision,” said Scheller.

Greenberg pleaded guilty to paying women and a 17-year-old girl for s*x and agreed to testify against others, potentially including Gaetz.

A federal investigation into Gaetz aimed to establish whether he also had s*x with a teenager or other paid s*x that would violate human trafficking laws, a fact Gaetz has denied.

Another witness against Gaetz who was credited with prosecutors was the ex-girlfriend of the lawmaker who testified at an Orlando jury this year and who was said to have been 2018 event in the Bahamas it was investigated by investigators.

Testimony given to a Congressional committee investigating the January 6 att*ck on the Capitol riots reportedly revealed that Gaetz was seeking a preventive pardon from Trump in a s*x case.

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