Aware that he was the target of a federal investigation into human s*x trafficking, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz told White House advisers that he asked former Trump chief executive Mark Meadows for a preventive pardon, the Washington Post reported.

Gaetz said he did nothing wrong, but allegedly said, “If the president could pardon him, it would be great.”

This claim was reportedly made during the testimony of former adviser Johnny McEntee before the Congressional Committee investigating the January 6 att*ck on the United States Capitol.

McEntee was fired by the Trump administration in 2018 and then reinstated in 2020 as director of Trump’s presidential staff office.

The Daily Beast reported in late August that multiple sources confirmed that 40-year-old Gaetz was the subject of a methodical investigation into allegations of s*xual trafficking of minors. The allegations against the congressman who denied the crime came from a former “wingman” who reportedly alerted Gaetz that the woman they were persuading to have s*x was underage.

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McEntee supposedly said lawmakers felt that was what Gaetz was referring to when he asked for a pardon in Meadows.

“I think that was the context, yes,” said McEntee.

It’s unclear whether Gaetz told McEntee of his pardon request before or after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 to suppress the certification of President Joe Biden’s electoral victory. The Justice Department investigation into Gaetz’s alleged s*xual inclinations began towards the end of Trump’s tenure as president.

Both Trump and Gaetz said the conservative legislature never directly asked the former president – to whom a congressman is slavishly loyal – for a pardon.

In June, former Meadow adviser Cassidy Hutchinson testified to the committee on Jan. 6 that she recalled Gaetz lobbying for “pardon” for Trump’s acolytes who opposed the transfer of power to the 46th president’s administration. She couldn’t speak specifically of Gaetz’s alleged amnesty request.

Former White House attorney in the Trump administration, Eric Herschmann, testified that he believed Gaetz was seeking broad pardon “for everything and everything.”

Gaetz has repeatedly claimed to be a victim of political persecution.

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