The southwest Florida meteorologist faced criticism on social media after he posted a video of a cat surrounded by rushing waters in front of his local news building as Hurricane Ian made landfall.

Dylan Federico, who works for WINK News in Fort Myers, posted a seven-second Twitter video on Wednesday of a small, dark cat huddled on top of a bench that appears to be right outside the building’s door. He said the door was “locked, but we’re trying to get the kitten in.”

Federico has since removed original movie from his account, but posted an update about the situation later that day where the cat had sailed out of the building before he and his colleagues managed to secure it.

“I’ve been waiting for the update to be released in the hope of getting it,” wrote Federico. “Please take your companions with you when you evacuate.”

Despite Federico’s insistence that efforts were made to save the endangered animal, some users called his failure to bring the kitten into the building “gross.” Twitter user Kelly wrote in response to Federico update: “So you didn’t save it and just watched it had a zero chance of surviving … Well done!”

– You want us to believe that the kitten bravely jumped into this flowing water and swam in the other direction at an Olympic speed that no one could catch him? Twitter user Dara Faye He said in answer.

One of Federico’s colleagues at WINK News, meteorologist Julian Mejia, also posted a photo of a beached cat that appears to be looking towards the camera when the photo was taken. Mejia also removed a photo of herself with an orphaned cat.

Twitter user Lynsey posted screenshot Mejia’s original tweet saying: “Does everyone at @winknews hate animals ?!” The user also tagged Federico in his post.

Wind gusts blow across the John Ringling Causeway bridge in Sarasota, Florida as Hurricane Ian hits the state’s southern peninsula on September 28, 2022. A Florida news station meteorologist was strafed on social media after the video was posted and then removed a cat stuck on a bench by rushing water.
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

Meteorologist Katie Nickolaou he came in defense of Federico in response to his update of the situation, saying, “Anyone who beats Dylan here can stop.”

“Also, the type of door in the movie is one that requires a key,” wrote Nickolaou, who reported to KMEG news station in Sioux City, Iowa. “It takes time to find the key. Every cat owner knows that a cat can get scared and run away in less than a second. “

Twitter user Sue Runs Far sympathized with Federico updatesaying they are “sad” [to] see that the kitten refused to cooperate, “adding that he was” probably scared. “

Now a Category 4 hurricane, Ian hit the Florida west coast near Cayo Costa, a barrier island directly west of Fort Myers, at 15:05 local time on Wednesday, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Fort Myers has set a curfew starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday evening in preparation for a storm flood that has reached more than 7 feet, The Weather Channel said in tweet was a “record bim” for the city.

Federico posted an update on Twitter 18:41 informing that the WINK News team had evacuated to the second floor of the building due to high pressure and that the fire department was aware of the location of the crews.

Newsweek contacted Federico for comment.

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