MONONGAHELA, PA (AP) – Republican leader Kevin McCarthy travels to Pennsylvania on Friday to confront President Joe Biden and the party in power directly, revealing a mid-term election agenda with broad Trump-like promises despite the GOP House’s sometimes uneven performance in delivering and rule in Congress.

McCarthy, who is ready to take the speaker’s hammer if the Republicans take control of the House in the fall, hopes to repeat the strategy of former speaker Newt Gingrich, which he used to spark voter enthusiasm and sweep away the House in the wake of the 1994 landslide.

The House of Representatives’ commitment to America nods to that earlier era, but updates it for Trump by introducing economic, border security and social policies to spark a deep well of ex-president’s supporters in often forgotten regions like this rusty landscape outside Pittsburgh.

“We have a plan for a new direction for America,” McCarthy told The Associated Press.

On Friday, the Republican leader of the House of Representatives will stand with other lawmakers to introduce the GOP agenda, offering a portrait of party unity despite the troubled coalition that constitutes a minority in the House – and the Republican Party itself. The GOP has shifted from an emphasis on small government, low taxes, and individual freedoms to a more populist, nationalist, and sometimes far-right party, essentially still led by Donald Trump, which remains popular despite deepening state and federal investigations against him.

Driven by Trump voters Make America Great Again, Republicans need to win just a few seats to regain control of the narrowly divided House and replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But despite this, McCarthy’s ability to lead Dom is far from guaranteed.

While the Republicans and Trump have enforced tax cuts into law, the GOP’s recent major election campaign to repeal and replace the Affordable Bill, also known as Obamacare, has collapsed. A long line of Republican speakers including Gingrich, John Boehner and Paul Ryan were forced to resign or opted for early retirement, often cemented by internal party struggles.

“Home Republicans are really good at getting people out of town,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC).

McCarthy, first elected to office in 2006, is one of the remaining political survivors of the Republican battles and is a leader of a new style that has demonstrated a greater ability to communicate than legislate.

A key architect of the 2010 republican “tea party” takeover, the Californian Republican personally recruited newcomers to Congress – many of them who had never held public office and had long since passed away. McCarthy was the first Trump supporter and stayed close to the former president, relying on his high-profile endorsements to push GOP candidates into Congress. He quit his earlier attempt to become an orator as support from his colleagues was drifting.

“Commitment to America” ​​reflects the strength of McCarthy’s skill, but also his weaknesses. He spent over a year joining the often belligerent factions of the House of the GOP – from the far-right MAGA to what remained of the more centrist ranks – to form a largely agreed agenda.

But the one-page “commitment” preamble is concise, essentially a pocket card, though expected to be filled with the details necessary for lawmaking.

“They talk about a lot of problems,” said the majority leader at Stena Hoyer, a medical doctor. “They don’t have many solutions.”

Traveling to the Battlefield of Pennsylvania, a state where Biden has maintained emotional ties since early childhood, McCarthy intends to counter the president’s fiery speech on Labor Day weekend, in which he warned of rising GOP extremism following the January 6, 2021 Capitol att*ck. optimistic news.

The event is touted as more of a conversation with the GOP leader and lawmakers, rather than a moving speech in an extremely controversial state.

With as many as five seats in the House, Republicans believe they can win Pennsylvania in November, the state has one of the most watched Senate races, between Democrat John Fetterman and Trump-backed Mehmet Oz, who will help determine control of Congress. The highlight is the Governor’s Seismic Duel between GOP’s Doug Mastriano, seen outside the Capitol on January 6, and Democrat Josh Shapiro.

“If you’re a hardliner, a populist and you really want anger, Kevin is a bit frustrating because he won’t be angry enough with you,” said Gingrich. “On the other hand, if you want your values ​​to be implemented and enacted in legislation, he’s a really good leader and organizer.”

Gingrich worked with McCarthy and his team to create the style and content of the proposal. The former speaker, who had been asked for an interview by the January 6 Capitol Attack Investigation Commission, was present in Washington on Thursday, joining McCarthy as he privately disclosed the plans to the House Republican who were mixed up in the approach.

Above all, the GOP pocket card hits a wide range – energy independence, security and the end of liberal social policy, especially in education.

Conservative Republicans complain privately that McCarthy does not attach enough importance to their priorities in an attempt to reach out to a broader constituency and keep the party together.

Many want to open an investigation into the Biden administration and the president’s family, and some call for indictments. Legally speaking, some House Republicans want to fulfill their party’s pledge to ban ab*rtion by supporting Senator Lindsey Graham’s bill banning procedures after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

As a sign of the pressure ahead of McCarthy, dozens of MPs in the House of Representatives signed up to Trump’s ally Marjorie Taylor Greene’s plans to prevent multiple gender reassignment procedures for minors, praising Georgia for being brave for adopting such a tough approach.

She and others were invited to attend Friday’s event as McCarthy seeks their support.

Republican Chip Roy of Texas, a member of the conservative Freedom Circle, has advocated the suspension of federal funds as a leverage for political priorities, a tactic that has led to the shutdown of government in the past.

“Extinguishing like, you know,” Well, we’ll secure the border. ” Okay, but what are we going to do about it? Roy said. “At the end of the day, I want specific practical items that will show that we will fight for the American people.”

It is noteworthy that McCarthy himself proposed a plan should the Republicans gain control of the House. In the Senate, Republican leader Mitch McConnell declined to put forward the agenda, preferring to simply go against Biden and the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

“Kevin has done a very good job of being in position to become a speaker. And then the question is, what will you do with it? Schlapp said. “It helps as a roadmap.”

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