Representative Lee Zeldin was showered with mockery by a mob of angry protesters in Greenwich Village on Friday when a Republican governor candidate boldly broke into a liberal Manhattan neighborhood to defraud crime.

Long Island’s Zeldin received an unpleasant greeting during a visit to Pier 45 on the Hudson River the day after a reported rape there. Zeldin pointed to a heinous crime to back up his argument that new leadership is needed to make New York safer.

But the locals who were holding up a black and white sign that read “TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FEAR” made it clear that they did not want Zeldin in Greenwich Village.

“Come back to Long Island!” one of the demonstrators shouted.

“You’re in the wrong neighborhood, Lee!” exclaimed another. “You turned the wrong way.”

Several passers-by, strolling along the sparkling river on a stunning autumn day, joined the group of about half a dozen protesters expressing their disapproval of Zeldin.

One suggested that the legislature’s endorsement of former President Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. Zeldin voted to invalidate the 2020 presidential election.

Protesting Stuart Waldman, 81, right, is pictured on Friday, November 4, 2022, at a press conference in Rep.  Lee Zeldin in Manhattan, New York.

Undaunted, the conservative congressman spoke over the demonstrators for about 20 minutes, conveying the message he had practiced during a surprisingly competitive governor race: that the state’s criminal justice system must be tightened.

“The people here today want to make life as difficult as possible for these men and women in law enforcement,” said Zeldin. “The people here are the people who called for a cashless bail.”

He accused Governor Hochul, a Democrat, wanting to dismiss crime as a problem. But she frequently advertised the gun control measures she signed and her collaboration with Mayor Adams, a Democrat, to step up law enforcement efforts on the subway.

Zeldin said he would fire the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and suspend state bail reforms through a declaration of emergency.

“Unfortunately, Kathy Hochul doesn’t want to be here talking about these things,” said Zeldin. “He wants to send his followers to make sure we’re not talking about fighting crime. They want to drown out the conversation. “


But the protesters said they were just there to call for Zeldin.

Livvie Mann, 74, said she felt Zeldin was showing a “complete lack of compassion” for the victim of the alleged rape.

“It’s not like it’s not about anyone in New York or New York State,” Mann of Greenwich Village said after the Zeldin press conference. “It’s about him, Trump, MAGA – promoting this show.”

Another protest voice, 63-year-old Jamie Bauer, said Zeldin tried to “exploit” the incident and that she was “disgusted” at the press conference.

“The rape is about her,” said Bauer of Greenwich Village. – It shouldn’t be about him. And he does it all about himself and his campaign.

Authorities said the runner was raped and robbed on Pier 45 around 6am Thursday. Suspect Carl Phanor, 29, has been arrested and has had 18 previous arrests, according to police.

Local state senator Brad Hoylman said he supported the protesters who shouted at Zeldin.

“It’s terrifying to hold a press conference on the scene of such a painful and shocking crime,” said Hoylman, a Greenwich Village Democrat. “I’m glad my constituents welcomed him.”

Protesting Stuart Waldman, 81, is pictured on Friday, November 4, 2022, at a press conference in Rep.  Lee Zeldin in Manhattan.

Mann and Bauer are working with the Rise and Resist group that was formed after the Trump election and said it aims to break down threats to democracy and equality.

When asked when he left the event whether he expected demonstrators in Greenwich Village, one of the most liberal neighborhoods in America, Zeldin said, “We were more than theirs.”

Behind Zeldin, as he spoke to journalists at a press conference, there was a wall of mostly male followers.

Carl Phanor, 29, is taken by New York City detectives from the New York Special Victims Unit to be indicted in Manhattan Criminal Court on November 3, 2022. Phanor is charged with raping and robbing a runner in West Village, Manhattan, New York on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Lydia Getahew, a passing runner who stopped to watch the buzz, said she still felt she was meeting Hochul, but voted for the governor on Thursday.

She said she did not believe Zeldin would improve the crime rate and expressed concern about his anti-ab*rtion stance.

Lydia Getachew, a passing runner who stopped to observe the buzz, said she still felt she was women’s rights. “

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