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Republican war on vaccines: GOP pursues strategy to prolong epidemic disease.

Republican Greg Abbott of the Republic of Texas has once again demonstrated his strong commitment to helping the virus, which is why it aims to spread COVID-19 as much as possible. At the end of Monday, The Republican state leader issued an executive order banning all institutions. Employees in the state ب including private businesses ضرورت need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. (All other vaccine requirements remain small, as the “principled opposition” to the vaccine mandate is an inch deep.)

As many who want hypocrisy still matter, Abbott’s ban violates his party’s commitment to a less regulatory environment for business that interferes with private businesses that need to establish vaccine requirements. Want. When it comes to the conflict between being pro-business and pro-virus, however, it has never been a competition with Republicans. All other GOP principles fall before the Republican New Commitment to ensure that COVID-19 can affect as many human bodies as possible.

Abbott certainly did not acknowledge that he was preventing businesses from enforcing basic health and safety standards. Instead, he presented the ban as a defense of business, President Joe Biden accused “Threatening many private companies to enforce the Covid 19 vaccine order, which disrupts the workforce that threatens the continued recovery of Texas.” This is just a small taste of double specs with the entire executive order written on it.

Abbott does not stand for business or the economy.

Biden’s vaccine mandate was quietly welcomed by many businesses. Those who want a return to normalcy mandate but want someone else to be blamed when Trump’s employees make a fuss about it. And his concern about the shortage of workers was unfounded. Most vaccine-resistant workers Instead of losing their jobs, they will shoot. Abbott’s claims about economic recovery have also heated up. Slow recovery is due to the ongoing epidemic. And they will only return if more people are vaccinated.

No, it’s very clear what is happening and continues with the Republicans who are making every effort to control the epidemic: the GOP wants to prolong the epidemic because they think that by doing so 2022 Will help them in the medium term.

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Abbott himself is poised for re-election in 2022, and, at first glance, this may seem like a strange strategy to make the virus his practical partner. (Although there is fierce competition with the corona virus in “ew, gross”. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.) But Abbott is making a warning, if too bad and utterly murderous, bet. Voters, especially fair weather voters, Blame it on the party that controls the White House., Even if The blame for any problem lies with the opposition.. If epidemics are still a problem in November 2022, then there is a real chance that a large number of Democratic voters already exist. Disappointed with the lack of legislative progress on other fronts., Will not be shown just for voting. This will make it easier for Republicans to clear the midterms.

Displays a new Axios-Ipsos pool. That “prolong the epidemic” strategy is working for Republicans. Biden’s confidence in the epidemic has fallen to 42 percent, from 10 points six months ago. Most confidence has slipped with Democrats and independent voters. Americans are also getting depressed, saying 30 will be more than a year before life returns to normal, three times more than in June.

The Cove 19 cultural war is not disappointing democratic and potential democratic voters. The GOP leadership seems to see this issue as a way to strengthen its base. The whole current political cause is increasingly “property of the liberals”.

The anti-vaccine and anti-mask protests, which are becoming tumultuous and even violent, began as one. Classic right-wing astroturfed trend., But since then it has gained a lot of traction. Ordinary conservatives who are not paid to criticize troubled school board members.. Cultural War on Dr. Sewes and Mr. Poto Head. Fox News didn’t work out earlier this year – but the fear of masks and shots is really the juice for the worst Americans, the ones who need to vote for the GOP.

The vaccine mandate threatens Republicans to “win by influencing our own voters with Covid 19,” for one simple reason: they work. As reported by the White House last week.“Organizations with vaccination requirements have seen their vaccination rates increase by more than 20 percentage points and, as usual, their share of fully vaccinated workers has risen to over 90 percent.” Despite threats from the Conservatives to a massive walkout, The paper’s thin “principled” opposition to the vaccine disappears as conservatives face real consequences. On refusing the vaccine

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Of The Biden administration has fallen far short of where it should be. In terms of the vaccine mandate, the employer should slow down and give up the possibility altogether. Ban on non-immunizations from aircraft Before the holidays. Nevertheless, the threat of a vaccine mandate is beginning to take its toll. As the report notes, the rate of non-vaccinated Americans has dropped by a third since Biden first issued the mandate.

Republicans are running against the times in their efforts to reduce vaccination rates to where the epidemic is still a living issue next November. COVID-19 rates are falling, 24% decrease in last 14 days Less than 39% nationally and in Abbott’s home state, which is still one of them. Most COVID deaths. In the nation. This is mostly due to vaccination, rather. Because so many Americans are affected that this is increasing the herd’s immunity.. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There will be another increase in winter. Or if the virus is being eradicated indiscriminately, it needs to become a serious threat. There is a strong possibility that the end of the epidemic is close to what many Americans think.

So by making it harder for Biden to get the shots in his arms quickly, Republicans are raising the issue of Covid 19 to lower Biden’s approval rating.

If that doesn’t change – or if it gets worse with another addition – there’s a real chance that the epidemic will worsen Democrats’ already slim prospects in 2022. And that, in turn, sets the stage for. Donald Trump will betray a return to the White House in 2024.. So it’s no surprise that power-hungry Republicans are betting heavily on prolonging their epidemic strategy, even at the cost of killing their own voters. Bigger risks lead to bigger rewards. For Republicans, establishing a permanent one-party minority rule is the greatest reward.

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