Republicans, pro-life groups applaud SCOTUS for reversing the cry

ALBANY – Pro-life groups, politicians and church officials hailed the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to overturn the constitutional right to abortion.

While access to the process in the Empire State will remain unchanged, top elected officials of the GOP and everyday New Yorkers said they would seek approval from Roe v. The 6-3 who overturned Wade fully supports the ruling.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (RN.Y.), who commented on the appointment of a pro-life health commissioner when elected governor last month, said she was looking more to promote abortion options in light of the decision. want.

“In a state that has legalized late-birth abortion and non-doctors performing abortions, in a state that refuses to pursue informed consent and parental consent, and where adoption And while not enough is being done to support mothers, today is another reminder that New York clearly needs to do a better job of promoting, respecting, and defending lives,” he said in a statement. Told.

Father Brian Grebe, pastor of the Basilica of St Patrick’s Old Cathedral, told the Greeley Tribune that he was “very pleased” with the Supreme Court’s decision and argued that the historic Row’s ruling suppressed public discourse on the subject.

“It’s been decades, praying and working through the legislative process, through the legal system, to get us to this point, which gets us to the starting door,” he said. “Now we can start a debate on this in the public square.”

Grabe, however, said he was concerned about the reactions to the ruling, noting that the storied Lower Manhattan church had been vandalized in recent days.

“I hope those who disagree can do so in peace,” he said.


Pro-lifers are a minority in New York, a state that codified the protections afforded under Roe with the Reproductive Health Act in 2019.

A Siena College survey released earlier this month found strong support for recently enacted laws increasing abortion protections in New York.

The survey also showed that 60% of New Yorkers wanted the Supreme Court to uphold Row, while only 24% supported overturning the long-standing ruling.


Still, anti-abortion groups like New York’s Feminists Choosing Life celebrated Friday’s decision.

“We are grateful that abortion rights recognized by the High Court do not exist within our Constitution. Abortion rights are now a matter of state policy,” the group said in a statement. “We support science that clearly Demonstrates that unborn children are human beings. Abortion oppresses women and kills children.”

Andrew Giuliani, also running in the Republican gubernatorial primary, sent his hat to his old employer as he applauded the decision, thanking former President Donald Trump for his conservative appointments to the nation’s highest court.

“As a pro-life New Yorker, I celebrate the Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade,” he said in a statement. “It is a victory for the rights of the states, but more importantly, the sanctity of life.”

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