Republicans hoped to have a small win in the House of Representatives on Thursday, but still hadn’t closed the majority, which was far from the huge mid-term win some had expected.

According to CNN, the GOP was predicted to win around 220 seats in the House, a modest gain of a handful of seats that should be enough to forge a razor-thin majority.

But two days after the closing of the polls, the GOP still had not filled the 218 seats needed to win the majority. Democrats still had little hope of maintaining control in the House, and their chances were to pass a series of unrest in declining West Coast neighborhoods where postage votes continued to be counted.

Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Has announced that he plans to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives regardless of the small number of presumed Republican majority, and his highest deputy representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) Has said he will run for role 2.

“I trust you know that earning the majority is just the beginning” McCarthy said in a letter to fellow GOP lawmakers. “Now we’re going to be measured by what we do with our majority.”

McCarthy called allies and far-right opponents on Thursday to increase his chances of blocking the hammer.

There were no immediate signs of an open challenge for McCarthy of the GOP club.

CNN said members of the far-right Freedom Club had already warned McCarthy that at least 25 GOP MPs would vote against him if he did not get undefined concessions.

“Kevin McCarthy did nothing to get my vote for the speaker” Representative Bob Good (R-Va.) Told Axios.

Democratic House president Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) And Senate majority leader Senator Chuck Schumer (DY) kept public opinion low, although they discussed the state of the closed-door race.

Pelosi, whose husband is recovering from a politically motivated hammer att*ck on the house, has not said whether she will run for another term as Democrat leader.

The potential for minor changes mirrored the domestic political landscape, where predictions of a Republican “wave” that would sweep Congress toward solid control of the GOP government failed. The Republicans were getting closer to the lean majority in the House, while tight races in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia will decide the Senate’s control.

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