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Rest in peace, gladiators, heavy zoo owls who enjoyed freedom in Minnesota.

Gladys Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Gladys Eurasian Eagle Owl.
Graphic: Gizmodo (Photos: Minnesota Zoo / Shutter Stock)

The Minnesota Zoo said Thursday that Gladys, a Eurasian eagle owl, died from an unknown accident. Gladys, who escaped from the zoo earlier this month, was allegedly found by a concerned citizen on the side of the road and brought to the zoo. “Our veterinary team responded immediately, but sadly, Gladys was already dead,” the zoo said. Statement Posted on Twitter.

“We would like to thank the community for their tremendous amount of information and support in finding Gladys,” the statement said. “The animal care team picked him up by the hand from a girl, and worked with him daily. This is a difficult day for our team.

Glades, 5 years old, Minnesota was one of the zoo’s animal ambassadors, The zoo is used to educate the public about its species. Easily one of the world’s largest potato species, the Eurasian eagle owl lives in northern Europe and Asia. They have bright orange eyes and 6.5 feet The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. About a foot short Compared to these owls)

Gladiators Escape from the Minnesota Zoo During a routine training session in early October that allowed the owl to spread its wings. Instead of returning to their handler, Gladys stayed in the trees for several days. Zoo officials lost his sight last weekend and told residents of the local Apple Valley community to keep their eyes open for the birds, noting that they posed no threat to humans.. Since then, Twin Cities Residents Share Hutting Audio Clips on Their Home Security Devices So much better Pictures of birds resembling giant owls. One person shared a. Image An owl on Facebook “Gladiators have a lot in common,” zoo officials said. In the picture, The potato looks like a dead cat.

Gladiators though. There seems to be no danger to people., Maybe we risked it.. The zoo did not say what caused the gladiators to be injured. All we know is, Until the time of the potato Found by the side of the road, it was too late.

Fly away For this last freedom, Gladiators. You really were an ambassador of your own.


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