Polls are closed in all but two states – Hawaii and Alaska – with Senate control remaining unsuccessful.

Polls have been closed in several key battlefield states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada.

CBS News describes racing in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin as dump trucks.

Among other battlefield states, the Republicans will win in Florida and the Democrats will win in Colorado and New Hampshire, CBS News projects. CBS News characterized the race in North Carolina and Ohio as leaning Republican.

Voters mean Senate control over the House – in each of the Senate battlefields where CBS News polls, voters have found Senate control is important to their vote. CBS News conducted nationwide surveys in 11 key battlefield states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

In each of these states, voters have a negative view of the country’s economy.

Today, in most states with Senate battles, the issue of inflation outweighs ab*rtion in terms of its importance to voters. But in the closely watched race in Pennsylvania, an early exit poll shows ab*rtion outweighs inflation as a voter concern.

Nearly three out of four voters were unhappy with the country when they went to the polls on Tuesday, according to an early poll. This includes almost a third of those who said they were furious. Almost three-quarters said the economy was bad, and nearly half of voters said their families’ finances were worse than it was two years ago.

In Georgia’s Senate Race, where Democrat Raphael Warnock defends his position against a challenge from Republican Herschel Walker, voters said the qualities voters are looking for are honesty and integrity, as well as a candidate who shares their values.

In Pennsylvania, the electorate is divided over whether Democrat John Fetterman is sane enough to effectively serve as a US Senator. There is also a slightly greater concern at the moment that Republican Mehmet Oz does not live long enough to serve effectively.

Thirty-five Senate seats are up for grabs in the 2022 mid-term elections, but less than a third are expected to be close. Control of the chamber will be brought down to races in these battlefield states, including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

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