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Revelation reveals new hero, premiere.

With a green flame around his skull, the Masters of the Universe: The Giant Temple of Revelation holds up the sword of power.۔

It would be ridiculous if the sword of power were the same size.
Image: Metal / Netflix

although. Kevin SmithSequel to Mehboob’s 80’s cartoon. That man and Masters of the universe. There’s been a split among the fans, I’m sure they’ll be tuning in to see the rest of the series, thanks to Cliff Hanger’s jaw dropping. These Heinman fans won’t have to wait long to see what happens next. Revelation Will be back on Netflix on November 23 – although we already know the amazing hero who will compete against the scalar at the end of the show.

If you see Masters of the Universe: Revelation.-Which has managed to become an inspiring love letter for the original cartoon while still ready to choose some completely incredible story-you will remember that the first half of its 10 installments series Prince Adam, who ended with the assassination of Conclater, is holding the sword of power for himself. It turned the villain into a creature. Metal’s action figures call it “Skelewood”, so that’s the danger that causes the planet to face Eternity.

Fat Toy maker Metal has also specifically announced which hero will fight Scalgood, and revealed his action figure. It’s actually a big spoiler, and I don’t know why it was announced, so …

Image for Netflix's Masters of the Universe photo

Introduction (well, reproduction) Wild Hee Main:

Image for Netflix's Masters of the Universe photo

Image: Metal

In fact Revelation (Courtesy Metal Press Release) The rest is wild like the series, and I like it:

“For years it was thought that Prince Adam could only invoke the Power of Grayscale using the sword of power, but Adam himself always wondered what would happen if he invoked power without the sword. Now we know the answer. : Savage man

Within it, with the full power of the Gray Skull, Adam acquires a combination of basic anger and all the power of the universe.tThat raw rage, savage power, and unbridled speed of 10. That man! But without the sword of power, in order to anger these powerful forces, the savage has all the power that there is no intellect to control. The savage version of our hero leaves his friends wondering if Adam really exists inside the transformed beast, as he sheds tears through Eternia in an uncontrollable frenzy. Fortunately, Adam, in his essence, possesses the natural empathy, humility, and goodness that counteract the power of the grayscale itself. Only the prince of Aternia can use this power and be willing and able to leave it after winning the war.

Wild Hi Man also appears in this new and very red promo poster. Revelation Part 2:

Image for Netflix's Masters of the Universe photo

Image: Metal / Netflix

I don’t know how Prince Adam will be resurrected a second time, but I look forward to seeing him cheerfully. The idea that his famous sword was not just a drain for the grayscale’s powers but a kind of safety valve is a completely insane idea, as Smith and his crew have repeatedly brought. Revelation, And who made it so much fun.

The savage man was never in the original cartoon, but he is one. Literally a legendary action figure.. It was thought to have been sold as a Wonder Bread promotion in the 1980s (it was actually a trading card tie-in). With brown hair and a black belt and shoes, these figures were different from the regular main character, but fans still do not agree on what accessories he has brought, if any. Of course, metal. There is no resemblance to the original, except for the name of the master’s personality, but there is a very, very sad and other personality, which is more than compensating for the changes.

Sewage Heyman’s personality won’t be available until next year, which means you’ll have plenty of time to consider shopping after seeing the Scaler H kick off.APMEl Ass Up and Down Main Street (metaphorically) Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2

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