Richard Madley’s daughter Chloe says she’s ‘flaming’ after leaving I’m A Celebrity

Richard Madley has left i am a celebrity After being unwell in 2021 Gwerich Castle And being taken to the hospital in the early morning.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has since provided an update, telling his fans that he was “all right” but a visit to A&E meant he had “broken the Covid bubble as a result” and was forced to leave the show. You can read more on this here,

And now the 65-year-old’s daughter, Chloe Madley, has revealed the news that she won’t be able to return to the competition has “fired up” her father.

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Chloe, 34, also reassured fans that her father was fine and sent him a heartfelt message.

She posted on Instagram saying: “Thank you for all your lovely messages.

“Dad is absolutely fine, we have been talking to him all day and after all, it is just that he cannot go back to the camp because of the Covid restrictions.

“However, he took pride in himself. He worked hard and had a calm, collected, kind and funny nature.”

'I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!'  on Richard Madley
Richard Madley’s daughter says she’s ‘flaming’ after leaving I’m A Celebrity

Chloe’s brother, Jack Madley, took to his social media accounts to reveal this, revealing that he was “crazy” for his father.

“Thank you so much for all the lovely messages about Dad,” he said. “She’s perfectly fine and back to normal as irresistibly chirpy self!

“Disappointed for him, he was doing great and just loving it. We are so proud and seeing him every night this week was one of the funniest things I can remember.”

“The ace I’m a celebrity crew for giving them (and us) such laughs over the past few days.”

Earlier today Richard confirmed that he has left I’m A Celebrity 2021.

He said: “Richard here – the first to say that I’m all right. I started feeling unwell for a while in the small hours of the morning and was taken to hospital as a precaution. Leaving the camp, I broke down as a result There was a Covid ‘bubble’ and thus I had to leave all the wonderful celebs living in the palace and the camp.

“Obviously I’m ready to leave so soon, but the safety of all campers is the first priority. I’m incredibly excited to continue their journey … even more so than Gwrych Castle to be far warmer than ever.” On the possibility of.

“Thanks to everyone who supported me on my brief but utterly unforgettable adventure – I’ve made some great friends and honestly had the time of my life.”

I’m A Celebrity Added: “Our strict COVID protocols meant that Richard had to leave the show sadly because he’s no longer in the bubble when celebrities enter the palace. He’s been a really fantastic camp mate and we love his Thank you for being a part of this series.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9 PM on ITV.

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