The Twitterverse is full of speculation about the social media platform’s uncertain future, with the hashtag #RIPTwitter trending Friday with an exodus of workers.

Twitter users shared memes related to searching for a new social media service or throwing back to chat rooms from decades ago to continue connecting with people online.

Others decided to outbid Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, imagining a billionaire at Twitter’s headquarters, oblivious to how the company was on fire.

The fury, in turn, reflected the growing chaos on Twitter since Musk took control of the company late last month, with reports that employees were locked in offices on Friday for unspecified reasons. Buildings are expected to remain closed throughout the weekend.

Since Musk took over the platform, the number of employees has plummeted as Tesla’s CEO first laid off about 3,700 employees and then laid off engineers who disagreed with him and then issued an ultimatum that the remaining Twitter employees should be ready for an “extremely difficult” workload or resign.

By Thursday night, when employees could stay or leave, hundreds had resigned, leaving the company “in disarray,” the New York Times writes. reported.

“It’s extremely chaotic and morale is extremely low,” Melissa Ingle, a content moderator who was recently fired, told John Dickerson of CBS News.

Shortly after the deadline passed, a self-proclaimed activist digitally displayed statements criticizing Musk on Twitter’s San Francisco office page.

“Musk’s infernal landscape” – we read in one of the statements. “Introduction to bankruptcy,” said another.

Among the projections, there was a line of insults directed at the director. “Elon Musk: the bankrupt’s child, the biggest parasite, the irritable pimple,” the tirade began.

Some observers questioned whether the hysteria among Twitter users really indicated the site’s closure, or whether it was a case of dramatic anti-Musk tweeters.

Venture capitalist Bill Gurley was one of many who suggested the site could essentially run on its own. People who are “cheering Twitter to ‘functionally fail’ will be disappointed,” he said, noting that the company had just 1,000 employees ten years ago and has much better systems now.

All the while, Musk continued to tweet jokes about the apparent meltdown.

“A record number of users are logging in to check if Twitter is dead, which ironically makes it more alive than ever!” he said on Thursday.

He also revealed how many billions of dollars he spent to buy the company.

How to make a small fortune on social media? Start big,” he wrote.

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