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Robot killing dog is something new that makes you sleepy.

Robot Murder Dog Image for article to worry about something new that makes you sleepy.

Dogs have been hunting companions for humans for a long time, so it makes perfect sense that as soon as the robotic squares are completed, we will shoot at them with big guns. Boston Dynamics probably won’t like anyone. Using the spot for evilBut many boot makers are happy to prepare Robo dogs for war.

‘Ghost Robotics’ Vision-60 quadruple. The Boston Dynamics Spot revolves around four legs. Equipped with sensors and cameras, the Vision-60 is so active that it can last up to four legs. Slipping and slipping on ice, So if you were planning something in the back of your head. Alone at home– One day to avoid a packet of dangerous robot dogs, you better go to the drawing board.

Robot Murder Dog Image for article to worry about something new that makes you sleepy.

Also, Ghost Robotics Vision-60 doesn’t have to be anything.Near you to take you out. SWORD Defense Systems, a very real company and not a parody of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently unveiled a Robo Dog accessory called the Special Purpose in Men’s Rifle or SPUR, abbreviated as Upgrades automation with military capabilities. The SPUR includes a thermal camera with 30x zoom, Which means that in the middle of the night, a remote operator can still easily see live, breathing targets. Cool, cool.

The combination of the Vision-60 quadruple and the SPUR is designed to allow soldiers to approach the target without endangering themselves, but the rifle has a range of about 4,000 feet, so it can range from three. Can hit the target. One mile away headquarters. T.That was the SPUR + Vision-60 pair.Presented at the annual conference of the Association of the United States Army. Recently held in Washington DC, but it is not clear whether it is. It has been officially sold to any soldier around the world. T.He has experimented four times.S. And Australian troops., And you can probably assume. Other organizations that are less forthcoming about their activities. Remember when we were nervous. Parking robots? گلپ.

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