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Ron Watkins, who many speculate is running for Congress in Arizona.

Former 8chan administrator and QAnon mega celebrity Ron Watkins appears to be considering running for Congress in Arizona.

Watkins, who many believe could then be the source of conspiracy theories. Documentary filmmaker Colin Hobeck as Q. Earlier this year, he apparently filed a “statement of interest” with Arizona’s secretary of state to run as a Republican in the state’s first congressional district, which would pit him against Democratic rapper Tom O’Helliran. ۔

Paperwork, Voice News first reported., Marks the first public step towards advancing a campaign – the next is to collect signatures to win next year’s ballot.

Although Watkins did not respond to the salon’s request on the email or phone number listed on the form, an employee of the Arizona Secretary’s Office confirmed to Voice News that he confirms all statements of intent before making them public. ۔ The paperwork is almost certainly the real Ron Watkins.

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The decision to seek a federal office race for one of QAnon’s biggest stars shows how deep the conspiracy theory is. Introduced himself into Republican politics.And if the campaign continues, it will be an important litmus test for the party’s future.

Watkins is already seen wearing some leather shoes in the state, and this week was seen mingling with other MAGA candidates and right-wing celebrities. This includes the now-viral image with Trump-endorsed Arizona Gov. Carrie Leak, a former TV anchor Accepted a wide range of right-wing conspiracies.Including Trump’s big lie.

Before taking an interest in Arizona politics, Watkins served as administrator of 8kun for many years – formerly known as 8chan – where the original QAnon began posting secret memoirs after emigrating from 4chan. ۔ Q, of course, claims to be an anonymous, high-ranking member of the Trump administration who has access to highly classified intelligence.

After several security breaches in which Q’s account was apparently hacked, there is a lot of speculation that Watson has taken over the account – a theory that Watkins interviewed in a documentary he made for HBO. Was revealed during Storm. ”

Talking about his new reputation and fortune as a champion of Donald Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud, Watkins said: “It was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching the principles of intelligence. Were. ”

He quickly tried to correct himself, but it seemed as if the damage had already been done: “… but never like Q never, I promise.”

Watkins does not appear to be living in Arizona at this time. According to Voice News, he previously lived with his father, Jim Watkins, owner of 8K, and recently moved to Japan.

That doesn’t dampen his congressional hopes, however – he just has to move to Arizona before the campaign officially begins.

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