Ronda Sinon Taf Council Leader Says The Christmas Trees She Was Given Are Crap

Rhonda Sinon Tauff Council leader Andrew Morgan has criticized the condition of the Christmas trees that have been planted in the borough this year.

Councilor Andrew Morgan has publicly criticized the contractor responsible for supplying and building Christmas trees for the council at the county’s major city centers.

He said he was annoyed that once again the company, CentreGrate Street Lighting, described him as “nonsense” and that “the residents deserved better.”

He posted pictures of trees on social media aberdare And treorchi but also highlighted the people Mountain ash And tonypandy,

One of the Christmas Trees Criticized by Andrew Morgan
One of the Christmas Trees Criticized by Andrew Morgan

The leader tweeted to Centre: “I am really disappointed in the quality of Christmas tree supplies RCT City center again. After my complaint last year you had to change many.

“This year is just as bad – think we may be looking for a new contractor in the future because RCT residents are better off.”

Councilor Morgan said: “Following my complaints in previous years, contractors were warned several months ago to ensure that the trees supplied were fit for purpose. Residents who have seen pictures of Christmas trees and me Have messaged, they definitely don’t think they are.

“The council pays good money for trees in each of the major cities, and as such residents deserve, and I hope, better than what we are getting.”

Center has been contacted for comment.

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