A pitbull named Penny and a rottweiler named Lincoln left the internet at the seams after they ripped apart their owner’s living room, leaving her “hysterical.”

The videoshared on TikTok by the dog owner under the username lastnamewalker, it shows a woman walking into the living room to find a total mess after her dogs completely destroyed their bed, leaving sponge bits everywhere.

The clip has a caption that says: “Who says dogs are just soooo obedient when their parents are gone ?!” YES, I’M A BAD ANIMAL TO THE PARENTS, HELL NO!

“Lincoln, the Rottie is my Big Man… all children are adults and he is my protector and spoiled child. Penny helped me through many sad days and nights. they are better for both of them! But they have cheers anyway. “

While all dogs are a great addition to the home, some dogs are easier to train than others. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the most trained dogs are Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds, followed by Golden Retrievers and Dobermans, with Rottweilers ranking ninth.

The AKC also notes that almost any dog, even one not on the list, can be trained, and while dogs can be trained more easily, they are also able to learn bad behavior just as quickly as good.

The video, which was first shared on the platform on Monday, has been watched over 112,200 times and 7,692 likes so far, and most dog owners can relate.

One user, HellRelle, commented, “Lincoln said,” THIS HAS NO *** TO DO WITH ME “And Yami Ortiz added,” Lincoln was like “no, we’re fine here in the box.”

Another user, Bobby, said, “Pain and betrayal in your voice as you spoke of freedom.” And Melissa wrote, “Then they are both huddled against the chest, hysterical hahah omg.” Klhoward73 added: “I laugh because most of us with dogs were right where you are in the middle of the mess!”

Dolla slime commented, “The voice broke when you said FREEDOM.” A Lovely Reid562 added: “They’re in their cage like I don’t know who, what and when. Lol “. Elenia Garcia said “I was there, sorry.”

Another user, Makayla Babcock, wrote: “That’s why mine can’t have nice things if we use old blankets because they just destroy them.” Ming said, “But they’re so cute.” Nikkiharrelson added, “I like how kindly they returned to their cage as if nothing had happened and were there all the time.”

Lowlee1980 pointed out: “I love [their] names … both are around 1 [cent]..so cute.”

Newsweek contacted lastnamewalker for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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The photo shows a dog who looks guilty after messing up the living room. The internet was left at the seams by two dogs messing around in their owner’s living room, leaving bits of sponge everywhere.
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