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Royal Feud took on new heights when Harry and Meghan began crusting for Llibitt in the UK.

Disagreements between Prince Harry’s family and the rest of the royal family reached new heights on Tuesday when it was revealed that the California-based couple did not intend to bring. Their new baby, LeBlanc., Home to the traditional British name.

Progress means that there are now serious question marks over when, if ever, the Queen, who is 95 years old and no longer flying long distances, will meet her granddaughter. Lily was controversially named after the queen, as Lilybeat is her title. Harry and Meghan said they had the Queen’s support to use the name, but the Queen’s Office told the BBC they had not been consulted.

The couple has given no indication that they intend to return to the UK for Christmas or New Year, and the family also bowed to a gathering this week to celebrate the construction of the statue in honor of their mother, Princess Diana. Have gone Harry came to England and attended the official unveiling of the statue on July 1 this year, but Meghan and her children did not accompany him. Harry also traveled solo. The last rites of Prince Philip Citing a doctor’s advice regarding her advanced pregnancy. Lily was born on June 4, seven weeks after the last rites.

However, the queen is believed to have seen her grandchildren on video chat. In addition to never meeting Lily, she has not seen Archie in person since the family. Left the UK permanently in April 2020..

Travel by cove is still limited and some people do not want to fly with children without immunizations, and are making arrangements to reunite both sides of the family in the Atlantic.

There was speculation that Meghan and Harry wanted to have a traditional royal name for Llebit in England, reflecting the arrangements made for Archie, who was born on May 6. Lily was born on June 4, which means she has already passed the 1-3 month window in which British royal babies are commonly named.

There could have been a place for reconciliation between families separated by a British name, whose relationship has been deteriorating for the past two years. Harry and Meghan denounced an anonymous member of the royal family who, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, asked racist questions about the skin color of their then-born children, and said that the Queen I’m worried about that Didn’t take “full ownership” Allegedly, the royal family is also upset with Harry’s announcement that he will publish a memorandum next year.

However, the chances of a reunion seem bleak after today. A source said. Daily Telegraph. Honorable Royal Reporter Camilla Tomini“There will be no name in the UK. This is not happening,” another source suggested, adding that it was “highly unlikely” that the baby Lily would be named in England.

Of Telegraph. He added that the name of the labyrinth will be in the Episcopal tradition. Bishop Michael Curry, who provided the spelling address for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, said in the paper that he could “work.”

Of Telegraph. An official spokesman for Sussex said the allegations were “mere speculation”.

The Daily Beast has contacted Harry and Meghan’s office for comment.

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