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Russia targets Fox News fans for becoming world’s anti-capital

YesThe results of the recent US poll and its aftermath Popularity With Russian President Vladimir Putin Fox News And its audience, the Kremlin, is moving forward with a new, fascinating attack on Western conservatives. Russia cannot offer more in terms of gun rights, freedom of speech, or quality of life, at least not for those who are not outside the realm of confidence, like Putin’s mob. Rather , The Kremlin Another type of currency is intended to attract Westerners. Prejudice Russia Turning Russia into a land of ultimate political error, the world’s anti-capitalist.

on Monday, RussiaForeign Minister Sergei Lavrov Published An optional edition that left many readers scratching their heads. Lavrov claimed that “in many Western countries, students learn in school that Jesus Christ was bisexual.” On the one hand, a single viral Post Such a curriculum is actually being taught by ticking a child’s colors.

Very easy Inconsistency, Lavrov’s music seems to be part of a larger agenda. In fact, they are linked to the Kremlin’s extensive propaganda ecosystem strategy.

The topic of inappropriate lessons taught in Western schools surfaced on a state TV show last week. Evening with Vladimir Solovyov. Margarita Simonian, Editor-in-Chief of State Media Outlet RT, Claimed Personal assistance to several foreign families hoping to move to Russia. Simonian claimed that the reason for his decision was that children were being taught in school. Reminding the audience of Samoan’s status as a prominent Kremlin entrant with direct access to the Russian president, host Vladimir Solovov immediately hinted that Samoan would go directly to Putin to speed up the process. Should talk

In January, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova spoke told Solovov said he had received a flood of US Trump inquiries from Russian Trump supporters urging him to provide information on obtaining Russian citizenship. She was particularly impressed by the communication of a particular blogger who had emigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States and was now interested in returning to Russia, allegedly out of fear of “pressure”. Zakharova did not elaborate on whether she was talking about Russian YouTubers who posted a video in the capital on January 6 and since. Gone To blame “Antifa” for the violence on Russian state TV.

The Kremlin has long held the view that Western supporters, and even potential refugees, should side with Russia and move on. A stream of Steven Siegels will reinforce Putin’s claim that Western democracies have lost their credibility and appeal. In 2018, a photo of Trump supporters donating T-shirts read, “I’ll be Russian instead of a Democrat.” exhibition As evidence of the Kremlin’s growing popularity with US Republicans in the Russian state media. A recent poll Verified Putin is more popular with Republican voters than President Biden.

Now is the time to move on.

Dan Valley Tretyakov of the Moscow State University School of Television.

Simonin enthusiastically Claimed“More and more people see our country and Putin as its leader. As a form of where they can run, as the West used to be for the former Soviets.” He claims that his media outlet draws a lot of support from English-speaking audiences, and claims that this leads to a strong search for average Westerners from their governments and popular ideologies.

Russia’s approach to bringing Trump supporters to court has proved quite simple: to appeal to their belief that so-called “political correctness” threatens their livelihoods and their future. Pro-Kremlin preachers are coming up with their own strategy, relying heavily on content spread by Fox News, with Carlsson’s clips of Tucker with Keller appearing regularly on Russia’s most popular TV shows. Keep coming

Even without trying to hide their scents about the divisions of the Simonians in the West. Said“I am glad that what is happening there is honest. At least in the last 200 years, for the first time in Russia’s history, he has had the unique opportunity to be a patron of his native ideology, which we call communism.” Couldn’t get along.

Head of RT Explained The purpose of the state propaganda continues: “Russia is becoming the last refuge of the common man.” He explained that a normal, “healthy” person is one who does not agree with the liberal goals and ideologies of Western countries, which he describes as “absolute liberal fascism”. He spoke in support of the US Alliance for Democracy, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. The host jokingly suggested the idea of ​​a “contradictory pride” event, and Simonian played with it enthusiastically. Ignoring immorality statistics And RT contradicts itself ReportingThe Samoans boldly claimed that there was no discrimination in Russia on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. “We are different. I hope we continue to make a difference.

Other high-profile propagandists, such as Dmitry Kassiev, are making ridiculous appearances between the Capitol riots trial and the suicide of John McAfee, and it has been claimed that McAfee killed himself because he was corrupt in the United States. The justice system was scared. He argued in his Sunday program that “America has lost its moral leadership in the world forever.” Vesti Nedelli On Channel Rossiya-1.

The program alleged that whites in the United States were being “embarrassed” and subjected to “massive humiliation.” Vesti Nedelli exhibition Fox News clips featuring Tucker Carlson, who claimed that critical race theory amounted to racism against white people. Earlier in June, the popular tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda President Joe Biden has declared “white Americans the real enemy of the United States.” I begged That Russia will not help the United States in its fight against the supporters of white supremacy.

Hosts of state TV programs immediately after the capital riots 60 minutes, Olga Skibeva, Explained Ashley Babbitt’s death, for example, “of the invaders who shook the whites.” In the weeks following the Capitol coup attempt, Solov complained that, unlike George Floyd, Babbitt was not buried in a golden coffin and Considered Why not a movement called “White Lews Peas”.

Once Russia has positioned itself as an anti-Wake empire, it is ready to help any pro-Western supporter. During last Friday’s Solovyov show, Vyati Tretyakov, dean of the Moscow State University’s School of Television, Recommended“Now is the time to move towards more proactive action – and I don’t mean to send ships into their territorial waters. I mean to send political vessels. Do you want me to spell that?”

The Simonians quickly intervened and stopped their fellow propagandists from arguing too much. “No need,” he said.


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