State Duma MP Andrey Gurulyov said Ukraine would no longer exist in a film that went viral.

Gurulov’s comments preceded the speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which announced a partial military mobilization.

In his speech, Putin also warned the West of how seriously Russia is taking the conflict in Ukraine. Gurulov issued similar warnings and said Russia is not concerned about what other nations think about its actions in Ukraine.

Gurulyov’s clip remained viewed over 100,000 times after being published by Daily Beast Julia Davis on Tuesday.

“No, this is not a caricatured movie villain. This is Andrei Gurulov, deputy of the State Duma, former deputy commander of Russia’s Southern Military District, who argued that Putin’s decision spelled the end of Ukraine and the end of its history, “Davis said.

Speaking of Ukraine, Gurulov said, “Some say they don’t recognize [Ukraine]we didn’t care who recognized them.

“We’re doing it for ourselves, right, we don’t care if [Olaf] Scholz (Chancellor of Germany).

“Latvia was quizzing something, who are you anyway? You are a pimple on the body of the Earth. “

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a press conference at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Samarkand in Uzbekistan on September 16, 2022. In the TV program preceding Putin’s last speech on the conflict in Ukraine, Russian MP Andrei Gurulov said that Ukraine will no longer exist.

Speaking before Putin’s speech, Gurulov issued a sharp warning.

“It is clear to me that today’s decision is the beginning of the end of Ukraine,” he continued.

“Well, this nation doesn’t exist anymore, it doesn’t exist. Film productions about Bucza or Izium will not change that.

“The time will come and everything will come out, it will be later and without Ukraine. Ukraine does not exist, the history of Ukraine is ending, maybe that is good ”.

Putin’s speech reignited fears about nuclear weapons.

In a pre-recorded speech, he said he was ready to respond to what he described as the West’s “nuclear blackmail” using his country’s own weapons, strongly suggesting the possibility of nuclear att*cks.

“If Russia feels that its territorial integrity is under threat, we will use all the means of defense available to us, and it is not a bluff,” said the Russian president.

Putin said he had “plenty of weapons to respond” to perceived threats from Western nations that have imposed paralyzing sanctions since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

“Those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the winds can also head in their direction,” Putin said.

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