Safety Moore returns with two interceptions

SANTA CLARA – A year ago, Tarvarius Moore was missing from 49ers training camp. There he was, just in an orthopedic boot and “barely walking” as a torn Achilles postponed his 2022 season.

where is that boot now?

“I kept it. It’s like a trophy to me. It’s in my storage room,” said Moore, imagining that symbolic prize back at her home in Hattiesburg, Miss.

On Saturday, Moore made a loud announcement of his return via two interceptions, which garnered high-fives and kudos from teammates.

Defensive stars Fred Warner and Charvarius Ward had one interception each on Saturday, but it was the Moore pairing that should inspire the most intrigue at the 49ers’ training camp.

Not many jobs are open, and Talanoa Hufanga has spent all of the off-season and camp as a first-string softie, located next to Jimmy Ward. Moore isn’t fret. He knows the best 11 players will be on the field, and, in 2020, that means he often enters as third safety, not least when he was starting eight games in place of an injured Jakiwski Tart. .

Saturday’s form was what Moore showed for his first three seasons and all the way to June 2020 practice, when he came off the post, made a break on the ball, and his Achilles “just popped on me.”

“It’s just a testament to the work I’ve put in this off-season and on vacation all year,” Moore said.

So it goes to football. Players get hurt – as defended defender Maurice Hurst reported on Friday with a torn biceps at the end of the season. Then the contractual expectations are put on hold or dashed. The comeback occurs, and a big-time camp has put them back on everyone’s radar.

“It’s great to see. It’s one of my guys,” said linebacker Fred Warner. “He’s had a rough road and injury set him back. We need to come in and compete with that. Let him and Huff push each other. That’s how you get the best out of each other’s games. He started the plays today. ,

“It (the coach) helps the eyes, but we have to pile on these days. Consistency is key,” said Moore, noting how Saturday’s imperfect practice led to his man-coverage hitting a 30-yard fade from Lance. Caught George Kittel on the pass.

None of Moore’s blockade came against Trey Lance, so there was no protest in the camp-high crowd of about 2,000 fans. They regularly cheered for new quarterbacks, although Jimmy Garoppolo also cheered during his pre-practice running sessions.

Moore hunted down Nate Sudfeld for an interception, the first being tipped off by fellow second-string safety George Odom. Sudefeld later went deep for rookie Danny Grey, only for Moore to make an interception in progress to track the ball, while cornerback DeModor Lenore had tight coverage.

The 49ers flagged off Moore’s return at the start of the off-season program in April, and they said it helped show him where he was physically and mentally.

“He wasn’t able to walk the first three to four months though, a month in a cast and then five weeks in the boot. It was a lot, but staying positive and knowing that if you work, everything will be fine.” “

Part of that work came at Hattiesburg, where he played with former 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens at Southern Miss.

garopolo visible

Jimmy Garoppolo came out of hiding, running to the shore before practice, as fans entered the complex. He cheered, accosted the crowd, and later greeted the journalists with what was his normal-courteous nature.

He said his rehabilitation from March shoulder surgery is looking good and he is feeling well. He showed no sign of displeasure at his strange plight, noting that his job was in the hands of Lance, and the 49ers openly stated that they looked forward to a trade that would turn out to be a victory for him and Garoppolo. works as.

Samuel’s routine

Dibo Samuel followed Garoppolo and ran on the same grass behind the end zones for a fourth straight practice. According to, he expects to receive more guaranteed funding than his Seattle counterpart DK Metcalf, who signed a three-year, $72 million deal with $31 million guaranteed.

The talks have not adversely affected Shanahan’s relationship with his All-Pro offensive weapon. “Dibo and I talk a lot. were good. We understand our role,” Shanahan said. “I know it’s a lot of noise for five months with tweets and people talking and talking. There’s a lot of conversation, a lot of money involved. It’s a big business deal. They were good.”

Special Lance?

The evolution of the Lance continues to offer a mix of eye-opening darts and confusing throws. The best game of the offense came on Saturday when Lance rolled right, and with Nick Bosa closed, Lance threw Ayuk 25 yards down the field despite tight coverage from Charvarius Ward and Jimmy Ward.

Lance and Ayuk then capped the 55-play practice for a 20-yard catch and an 8-of-15 passing line to the quarterback. However, in the third-to-last play, Lance overthrew Ray-Ray McCloud and Warner interrupted that gift. It takes three straight exercises with an interception from Lance.

Ward’s Interception

The 49ers’ defense has made 10 interceptions over the past three days, and in Saturday’s foursome, the first came from Charvarius Ward when he trapped Sudfeld’s 45-yard bomb in double coverage toward Ray McCloud. Yes, a high-priced import of 49ers from Chiefs can do more than press receivers in the line.

“That’s a pure, locked-down corner,” Warner said. “What’s cool about him is I’ll watch the whole thing in practice and hear nothing about him, and that’s great, because he’s closing his side. He’s got his hands on the ball several times in four days.” . I love what we’re all seeing from DB.”

pads come forward

49 people are at this camp for the first time on Sunday, and they will return on Monday with full pads and finally live contact allowed. “As a running back, you have to have that mindset, so we’re very excited to have the pads on Monday,” said Eliza Mitchell.

D-Line Health

Jevan Kinlaw enjoyed his first full-team rep in the first half of practice, and he did so without a brace on his surgically repaired knee. With camp injuries already sheltered, however, there are fellow defensive tackles from Hearst, Eric Armstead (knee sprain) and Hasan Ridgeway (quadriceps), the latter two of whom have been sidelined for a few weeks. That means more reps for Kevin Givens, Alex Barrett and Kevin Atkins, as well as recently signed reinforcements Robert Necamdiche and Tomasi Lawley.

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