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Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 is October 20.




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تعجب کے عنوان سے مضمون کے لیے تصویر!  سام سنگ اگلے ہفتے بھی ایک تقریب منعقد کر رہا ہے۔Image: Samsung

If you love gadgets, there’s going to be a big deal next week.. Samsung has just announced that it has the next event., Galaxy Unpacked P.Art T.WowWednesday, October 20. Apple’s second fall., Where we expect to see new MacBooks and AirPods, Monday, October 18th., And Google will. Officially launch Pixel 6. Tuesday, October 19. Still excited?

Samsung didn’t say what was going to happen at the event, but we’re sure. We Will not See an increase in the Galaxy Note lineup. Rumor has it that we may not see the Galaxy S21 FE, which means that Samsung may have some real surprises. The S21 FE, which was expected to pack the Galaxy S21 features into a cheaper device, It was rumored to have been canceled., But Recent leaks Point out that it actually is. Delayed until January, the Galaxy S22 was pushed back later in 2022..

Rumors circulating around Samsung’s event. It has run a bit of a counter to the construction of Apple and Google’s October events, in which we have seen many leaks and speculations around the companies’ big fall products. Samsung’s event invitation doesn’t do much good either. A few icons of the app are seen. Floats in color boxes, but no hardware is visible.

The invitation reads: “Our customers are multifaceted and live life in many colorful, interesting and unique ways. As such, they must showcase the uniqueness of the technology they use every day. Join Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 on October 20th. To see how Samsung is opening up new experiences for itself.Expression through technology

If you can understand this hint, leave it in the comments below.

Samsung will stream it. Events on its YouTube channel and website Wednesday, October 20 at 10 a.m. ET / 7 AM PT

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