‘Sandman’ Creators Teased Season 2, Say Fans ‘Not Ready’ What’s Next for

fans of the Sandman A screen adaptation is “not ready” for what its creators plan to do next, showrunner Alan Heinberg and original producer Neil Gaiman have reported. Greeley Tribune.

The show, which landed on Netflix on August 5, follows Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge), who is imprisoned for 100 years by the human Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) and then has to rebuild his realm. , his equipment is found and the damage has to be undone. He did it while in captivity.

The show is based on Gaiman’s 10-volume comic book series of the same name. Season 1 depicts the events in the first two volumes, “Prologue and Night” and “The Doll’s House”.

‘The Sandman’ creators tease Season 2, say fans are ‘not ready’ for what’s next

Tom Sturridge as Dream in “The Sandman”. The actor told Greeley Tribune which segment of Neil Gaiman’s comic is his favorite.

When asked about the second season, Heinberg explained newsweek that he and the creative team were already in the planning stages for a possible return.

“Yes, we’re having a lot of preliminary talks in the hopes that we’ll get Season 2, and we’re very excited about what we’ll do in that situation,” Heinberg said.

Gaiman joked: “The dream is to open a restaurant and become a Mexican wrestler.” Heinberg quipped that this is definitely something “people are not expecting” and Gaiman added: “It’s going to surprise everyone.”

Responding more seriously, the comic book’s creator said: “Actually, no, we just continue with this story. It’s kind of wonderful to have seen Season 1 … when we tell them that. season 2 [is] They’re so excited they’re going to start with the big Lucifer-Morpheus rematch.

“They have little idea what’s going to happen and they’re not prepared for where it’s going to go.”

Season 1 is closely tied to Gaiman’s original plots, so fans of the comics should be able to guess what he means—but it certainly isn’t the kind of development that new audiences for the story should be able to predict. is likely to.

‘The Sandman’ is based on his hopes for season 2

The cast of Netflix’s new fantasy show also weighed in on their hopes for a second season, with Sturridge saying newsweek That he is certainly curious.

“I want to tell you the story as it is in the novels,” the 36-year-old said. “We really have no idea about the second season, so, our ignorance is true. But I want to keep telling this extraordinary story as it goes to such incredible places.”

Which story from Gaiman’s comics is he most interested in seeing on-screen? Eighth Volume, “The End of the Worlds.” “When the couple go to the pub and it’s like Mortality Interiors and they hear all those wonderful stories. It’s my favorite, I want to see it,” he said.

Jenna Coleman, who plays Johanna Constantine and her ancestor of the same name in the series, was also excited about the second season: “I’d love to. Any day of the week I’d love to step into wild psychedelic fantasy. Neil Gaiman brain of -100 percent.”

Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who appears as Dream’s sibling Death, said she “absolutely” wanted to be involved. Venesu Samunyai also said that she would “love to come back” as Rose Walker if the story allows.

Boyd Holbrook, who plays Corinthian, said he would gladly see his character return, even though the main arc of the villain was in the first season.

“We all had a blast. I think it was a great experience for everyone,” Holbrook said. “We have a great team of people, and you can build a lot with this world so I don’t think there’s any reason no one can come back. I think Corinthian reincarnated as a good guy So yes, who knows.”

The Sandman is now on Netflix

Gwendoline Christie, Tom Sturridge, Mason Alexander Park, Venesu Samunyai and Razanne Jamal in “The Sandman,” which is now on Netflix.

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