The Archdiocese of Denver told local Catholic school administrators that they should not enroll or re-enroll transgender or gender inappropriate students.

In a document released by the Denver Post on Monday, officials from the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church in North Colorado listed a number of pointers on how local Catholic schools should deal with LGBTQ issues.

The 17-page document, which has been endorsed by the archdiocese, is entitled “Guidelines on Human Person and S*xual Identity” and warns school administrators that “the spread of gender ideology is a threat to Christian faith.”

Among the recommendations underlined in the document, the archdiocese says that the “Catholic school” cannot confirm the student’s identity as a transgender personnon-gender, non-binary, gender-fluid, gender-queer, or any other term that rejects the reality that the student has given a male or female s*xual identity. “

Even if transgender students and their parents decide to agree to “appropriate school rules” while the child is at school, the situation is still “unfeasible” as both parties “work from incompatible grounds and move towards incompatible goals” according to document.

“Accordingly, it would not be appropriate to enroll or re-enroll such a student in a Catholic school,” the guidelines state.

In addition, the document says schools “must decline” requests from parents who want their children to be addressed with a different pronoun; children should not be allowed to use bathrooms that match their gender identity; schools cannot allow same-s*x couples to “participate in school dances as a couple”; and administrators should “be wary of situations that may create confusion as to the nature of the marriage.”

This means that when a child from a same-s*x couple is enrolled, “the school should make it clear that … it cannot recognize ‘two mothers’ or ‘two fathers’ as a family structure.”

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