Scramble worker attacks man who ‘stares’ with claw hammers after scuffle on Father’s Day at JD Sports

A laborer who attacked a man posing as women and young children with claw hammers at the Fort shopping center in Ardington has been jailed.

On Father’s Day (June 20) after violence broke out between the pair at JD Sports, Michelle Golding hit a shopkeeper ‘at least three times’ with her work tools – including one she was on the ground.

The 24-year-old claimed he was acting in self-defense when the man allegedly threatened to ‘kill him’ – out of fear that he would ‘take out a knife and stab him’.

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CCTV showed his parked car ‘running away’ before a scuffle at the sports store and tooling with weapons from his boot.

He then ‘aggressively’ strapped him in both hands as he faced the retreating man, who was ‘following’ him to his car. After the attack, Golding fled the scene – only to be stopped by shopping center security and arrested by police.

While the judge found an ‘element of incitement’, he said there was ‘no real basis’ for self-defense as he told him: “Carrying a weapon is a crime these courts take seriously in the presence of women and children.” “

in Golding, White Farm Road Sutton Coldfield, Today (November 24) Birmingham Magistrates’ Court was closed for 24 weeks after previously confessing to possessing an offensive weapon.

JD Sports in the fort

He was returning a pair of trainers he had bought as a Father’s Day gift for his father when he saw another shopper staring at him.

“This guy was staring at me and punching his fist,” Golding told the court during Newton’s hearing.

“As I asked side by side” Me ‘Why are you looking at me?’ He said: ‘What is your problem?’

“At the time I had a mask on, I picked it up and he started punching me. At this he kept telling me he was going to kill me. I believe he thought I was someone else.” “

Goulding told the court that he feared the man would ‘take the knife out of his bag and stab him’.

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He then left the JD to ‘leave’ in his van, but he claims he did not have time to escape as the man was following him till his vehicle.

Instead he opened the boot to take out the hammers of his two working claws, before ‘aggressively hitting’ the man.

“I’m not going to give him a chance to kill me,” she said.

“I took out my hammers. He was still laughing at me and saying he was going to hit me. It was fight or flight.”

He hit the man ‘at least thrice’, including when he was down on the ground, the court heard.

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Goulding admitted that being in JD Sports with two claw hammers was not a ‘good position’ and added: “I don’t like to see it myself.”

His defense lawyer, Ms. Mondir, said he was of good character before and had been doing and doing charity work for a very long time since the incident.

District Judge David Wayne said: “He was attacked several times and was injured. From his plea, the defendant admits that he had hammers for the purpose of the injuries.”

“What is quite clear was an opportunity to climb into his van instead of unbuttoning the boot and withdrawing the hammers.

“By the time of CCTV, the other gentleman was backing away.

“The defendant was behaving in an aggressive and confrontational manner, including sweeping gestures before attacking the gentleman, hitting him at least three times while on the floor.”

He said there was ‘no real basis for self-defense’ at that stage, as he failed to realize that he had ‘options available’ to him other than to attack the person.

“He had every opportunity to stop and see if he was continuing his comeback,” Judge Wayne continued.

“After that, he runs away from the scene. I am satisfied that from the moment the respondent appears on the CCTV chasing someone and threatens them with weapons and then attacks.”

He acknowledged the ‘element of provocation’, his past good character, references to ‘speaking excessively’ about him and the guilty plea while deciding his sentence.

Judge Wayne said: “You must understand that carrying a weapon is a crime that these courts take very seriously in the presence of women and children.”

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